A peek into our new art studio!

The girls and I have spent countless hours "doing art".  Making art, painting, sitting around our table together talking about everything under the sun.  Art is our jam.  Sometimes I present a more structured concept of art but usually we just get out the supplies and go.  I love introducing my girls to different types of materials (like oil pastels) and then standing back to see their imaginations and thoughts unfold.  It's magic. 

I recently described to Brett why I love the girls' drawings so much.  Like so, so much.  With pictures I can capture the external of them and sometimes even a whole bunch of the internal when a certain amount of emotion is captured.  But when they create or draw?  It's like their mind shows up right there on the paper.  Their oh, so different, but brilliant creative minds.  I love that. 

We usually do our art at the dining room table and it is definitely starting to show.  Our table and chairs are stained with paint and all kinds of things so I decided we'd make a whole room where we didn't have to worry about the mess so much.  I'm not much of a mess worrier but when we have people over it does feel a bit awkward to explain why there is dried paint on their chair.  So enter the art studio.  
This little room used to be the girls' nursery.  I have so many good memories (and some not so good having to do with being up all night, lol) with the girls and this room!  A few months ago Betsy Grace moved upstairs to her own big girl room, which is right next door to Anna's.  So this little room was freed up and we decided we'd make it our art studio.  I gathered what I already had on hand from around the house (I'm a props hoarder, remember?) and within a day or two the new studio was done! 
When you first walk in this cabinet is tucked into the right corner.  It might seem silly to keep it tucked in a corner but it's one that would otherwise be wasted space.  The bottom half of this cabinet houses the puzzle tub, lots of paper and art supplies, the play dough tub, instruments for the girls, etc.  

I plan to make the visible shelves like a candy store….but with art supplies.  I want buckets and jars full of all kinds of things for the girls to explore. This cabinet actually used to be black and I've had it since I lived in my first condo, which I bought when I had my first teaching job.  Oh, the memories and how much life has changed!

Moving around the room you come to this sweet little spot.  I printed off some of my favorite photos and simply taped them to the wall.  I love how it looks but it doesn't seem quite finished to me yet.  I have plans to add more photos and maybe a painted quote or two.  And I've never met a chippy chair I didn't like.  
Our globe fell apart for the millionth time so I just strung it up.  The paper lanterns are from Target, found on clearance.  I always check their party aisle and clearance spots for stuff like this!

The flowers are left over from my sale, the frame Brett helped me make when we first moved in, the flower blanket is thrifted, and the wire basket I took from Brett in the garage. :) 
We have taken down the expensive blinds we bought when we first moved in in every room except for the girls and our bedroom.  We just aren't blinds and window treatment kind of people.  I do love a curtain to pull aside during the day though…and this quilt top works just fine and looks beautiful when the sun shines in behind it.  It's sort of strung up here and there….sort of whimsical-like but I don't mind. 
I didn't have a set plan when it came to the art I hung on the walls, I just wanted it to be art that was  my favorite or spoke loudly to me. So an original canvas and art journal page from me fill one wall.

And more original art, string lights, and my old favorite stand-by's, a typewriter and old books, fill the other! This dresser will also make awesome storage for art supplies and props as well! 

Please don't take this the wrong (selfish) way, but this *might* be my most favorite painting I've ever made.  Ever.  And it was made during some of the busiest weeks of my life and when my brain was turned off and I just let my fingers do the talking.  I created it over a period of several days and a couple of weeks and whatever idea flew into my head I just went with.  It's actually painted on a big piece of cardboard and was my first time to paint big.  And I'm hooked.  
For now, the room ends with more art by myself and the girls! 

To completely finish the room we plan on adding a large wooden table with shelving underneath to the middle of the room, with colorful chairs or benches around it. 

So far the girls have already spent hours and hours in here….and before when it mostly just held the crib they hardly ever went in.  The first day I showed Anna Ruth the little makeover her face lit up and she said "wow!".  The girls and I plan to use this room a lot, making more than just art.  Memories, connections, prayers, and joy will fill this room and already have.  

Plus, Rosy Retreat ladies-some of our time will be spent in this room too!! Yeah!! 
(more details on how to sign up for the photography retreat coming in a day or two! Last chance to sign up)


  1. Oh that looks gorgeous! Lucky girls to have such a fun spot to play in - and I know what you mean about the dinner table showing signs of its alternate occupation- ours is just the same, the seat covers are a complete mess and there's a nice big yellow stripe on the oilcloth that I can't get off!

  2. Yes! It's beautiful! What a great space for you all!

  3. This! This is inspiration for my studio (and possible homeschool space)hat is currently under construction! You MUST tell me where you go those string lights from, pretty please!

  4. Your studio looks AWESOME! What a happy room. I can't wait to see what beautiful art you and your girls create. You did a fantastic job giving the space a lot of personality.


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