My own rosy…(last call for Photography Retreat sign-up)

It's no secret I'm a firm believer in searching for the rosy in the routine.  Much of life is rather routine, especially as a mama.  But the golden parts are right there for the taking.  I think we (or I) often view someone else's life as terribly more exciting or fulfilling than our own.  Meanwhile, someone else is longingly looking at our life.  The truth is, each of us live in the middle of a captivating story, rosy moments to be found, whether we know it or not.  

Combining our search for the rosy in the routine with a handful of tools, lessons, and inspiration makes for a story-telling method that is authentic, meaningful, and unique to our stories.

Saturday, May 16th is the Photography Rosy Retreat from 9:30 to 2:30, here on my farm.  We'll start the day by learning from the retreat workbook (created and written by yours truly) and spend the rest of the day with cameras in hand.  From stopping at the "Prop Shop" and learning how to tell a story with props, to giving yourself permission and time to wander with your camera we'll share an inspired day, while tucking lessons into our minds and hearts to stay with us once we arrive back home.  

We'll have plenty of discussion, time to browse my favorite photography books, and do plenty of soul-searching.  I'll also show you which programs I use to edit (for both my phone and camera) and you can watch an edit in process! 

The price for the day is $100 and includes coffee, tea, and homemade bread in the morning, as well as lunch, a retreat workbook, a handmade journal, along with a few other treats! 

This week is the last week to sign up!

You can comment below or email me ( to sign up!
I hope to see you there! (I am beyond excited about this day!)