Valentine Tea Party

(how cute are these edible tea cups?!) 
A few weeks before Valentine's Day we received an invitation requesting our presence at a Valentine's Day tea party!  Valentine's Day happens to be my Momma's birthday and she wanted to celebrate in style, with all her girls.  
 We arrived to the prettiest pops of red and pink.  She had the table decorated fit for a queen.  A whole table of queens that is!
 There were even mini pretzel sticks, frosted and sprinkled.  Almost everything at a tea party is more fun in miniature! 

 I quickly snapped a photo of Betsy Grace and I holding hands during the prayer…
this one single photo captures so much to me. 
It is a top favorite of 2015 so far…for sure. 

 From the fancy treats to beautiful music in the background, we had such an enjoyable time sitting around the table, all of the girls in our family together.  I'm so thankful my mom took the time to put on such a great party for us!  And on her birthday too! 

The girls came home to balloons from their Daddy.  Anna Ruth kept saying "They're best friends!".  These little balloons have kept the girls entertained forever! 

It sure was fun to get all dressed up and attend the tea party.  This is the time of year I start thinking about hosting parties on the farm in the spring.  I just love hosting and attending parties, specifically ones where you're just there to eat and laugh.  How about you?  When was the last time you attended a party like that, where the agenda was simply "fun"?

Thanks Momma, for a fantastic tea party!  


  1. Now that is celebrating in style! What a wonderful tea party and I love that your girls got balloons from their daddy - my two came down stairs on Saturday morning to find chocolate roses and a packet of love hearts on the breakfast table and they were so excited 😀

    1. Hi Carie! So fun to hear what your two got for Valentine's day! How do they like all the chocolate? Mine received quite a lot at school but don't really like it, come to find out. Silly girls!

  2. Hello! Oh my goodness is this the sweetest post ever!! I loved every photo and word of it!! How nice for your mom to have this special day with all the girls in her life, precious. We have 5 girls in our family too. I have the only boy in our family. Do you have any in your family?
    Happy belated birthday to your mom. She looked amazing!!

    My computer has been slow this week so I couldn't visit but read thru your posts and enjoyed them all. The lipstick photos will be fun memories for when they are older and want to wear it before your ready for them too. Enjoy these moments.

    1. Hi Dawn! So nice to hear you have a whole bunch of girls in your family too! We actually do have some boys in our family though…this was just a girls only party. :) There are FIVE boys, to be exact, in our family! My twin has two boys, and my older sister has three! We are the only ones with only girls :)

      My computer has been slow too! Like making it hard to even do anything…hmmm, we should tell our computers to act nice to us! :) lol.


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