I let the girls "do lipstick".
I think I'll let the pictures do the rest of the story-telling.

Clearly, we have some (very) confident little girls! 
May you face your day with bold confidence yourself,
lipstick on your teeth and all. :)


  1. hahah! this is so awesome! I was actually thinking about letting my little 2yo Ada play with makeup this weekend. EVERY morning she watches me put it on, so desperately wanting to try it all out herself. I don't typically have the time in my mornings to let her go wild. Why do they love it so?! lol - you're a good mom :)

    1. Hi Emily! I'm impressed your 2 year old watches you put makeup on in the mornings! Mine are both so into everything that I either get ready before they wake up or don't put any makeup on at all. :) I will say, letting them use this lipstick (which was actually headed for the trash) made my day. It was so adorable and they really went all out, as you can see! I bet your Ada would love it!

  2. This post brightened my day! Cute!!! :)


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