Let's play the Glad Game.

Who wants to play a little round of the Glad Game? Actually, back up.  Who can name the movie that has The Glad Game in it?! It's one of my all-time favorites.  Ever.  In the history of ever.  And today, I'm all about playing the Glad Game. 
Last week I was healing from the "crud"…the sinus stuff that knocks on your door, bringing its friends fever, cough, and achy body with it.  I rested up in the pockets of time I had available (nap time and going to bed early) and am almost all better!  This week my little girls have it.  Ear infections and crud…Not fun, but we were in great favor at the doctor today! They weren't taking appointments but Brett drove us in anyway, to wait.  I asked IG friends and my family to pray.  And boy, did everyone pray! We got right into the doctor, with no wait.  Mama's, you KNOW what a miracle that is!  Of course, we had the sweetest doctor (a lady) who was so soothing to the girls.  We are back home with medicine and rest.  Ok, so I'm wondering how to get Anna Ruth to rest…but things are on the up and up!
I suppose my perspective has shifted the last few weeks.  It's been a while in the making actually, but news of Anna Ruth's previous preschool teacher having breast cancer sped the learning process up.  Her name is Hawley by the way and she is a young mom like myself.  I would deeply appreciate it if you'd pray for her provision and healing.  I was so anxious sending Anna Ruth to preschool last year and Miss Hawley was our saint.  She was laid-back and fun and taught Anna Ruth's class so, so well.  I was sick to my stomach to hear of her cancer.  It makes complaining about tiny things just seem silly.  Piles of laundry, staying home and doing mundane things, disciplining the girls again and again…even doctors visits aren't things to fuss about.  I read somewhere recently our bodies can't contain anxiety and gratitude at the same time.  Like physically cannot process both at the same time.
Have you ever read that?  I will say I've tested this theory out a few times the last few weeks and I think surely there must be some truth to it!  When life starts to feel too much like life…I give praise.  I play the Glad game and soon the mundane seems like magic.  The rosy is back in the routine.  
I struggle with it too though, you know.  Keeping the rosy at the forefront of my mind.  But it's possible.  Christ is always standing by, just waiting on me to invite Him in with His light.  And how His light shines and glows and covers everything in its path and then some!  

I hung scriptures up all over our house with washi tape and that's been a very good practice for choosing worship over whining.  Everywhere I look, a piece of God's wisdom and word is waiting on me to find it.  

We find ourselves staying home a lot lately, just keeping everyone rested and well.  I don't mind too much. Spring will be here soon enough and we'll bust through the front doors and not look back for a second.  But for now, we play Legos and build forts and paint and read stacks of book (oh Richard Scarry, you are our FAVORITE), and watch more shows than normal (again, Richard Scarry to the rescue!)

We're especially thankful for our neighbor friend and her two kiddos.  They are always just a phone call or a text away.  In our digital world it is so easy to feel funny about inviting people in to your real life.  My neighbor and I have an agreement to be THAT kind of real life friend.  No apologies or explanation given for moods, makeup (or lack of), or mindfulness to the house.  Just the good stuff. As much conversation as we can fit in, between the disciplining of our active toddlers.  
We need each other, don't we?  I read a great article this week about not just saying "Let me know if you need anything" , not that there's anything wrong with that, but actions DO speak louder than words, remember?  I know I'm guilty of saying that and then doing nothing because I get afraid of trying to enter someone's private world and help.  But I also know the days I go to bed the most filled up, soul-wise, are the days I've had been an active friend.  I often think back to the olden days, where a cup of flour was shared, a neighbor invited in for a meal without a second thought.  Of course people helped one another.  Of course food was shared and families burdens' lifted together. What other alternative was there?  Certainly not Facebook to the rescue!  I'm not quite sure how to go about choosing people over anything else….but I think it must start with delivering a bag of groceries, offering to babysit and then really doing it, sending a card in the mail, or inviting a family over for dinner.  I want to be create with this topic and get back to you about it.  Our people need us! 

What are your thoughts? 

 Of course I'm certainly glad for the Rosy Retreats coming up this spring, and Vintage Market Days.  I keep talking about them because they don't feel like work to me, they're my creative outlet and something I really, really enjoy.  It IS hard work (a LOT of hard work), but it's the good kind that leaves you feeling the most satisfied.  I cannot wait to meet the other vendors at Vintage Market Days and be surrounded by people with creative passions.  I'm going to give the show my all and do my absolute best to give the rosiest glimpse into my artsy life.  I pray the response is good!  A piece of my own heart goes into every single painting and I would be honored to have those pieces travel home with someone new, blazing a rosy trail.

 I've also been working away on details for the upcoming photography Rosy Retreat.  The response around the U.S. (and elsewhere in the world, thanks to social media!) has been great!  A bit more quiet on the local side.  I honestly hate asking for help, but local friends, would you help spread the word about the retreat?  You can find more information about it here! It's too bad all you faraway friends can't join me!  Local gals, I am beyond excited and passionate about teaching you how to photograph the rosy in your routine! Signing up is easy, simply email sunshinebysara@hotmail.com ! 

I'll be posting photography retreat details later this week too so you can go ahead and put it on your calendar! :) 
It's officially been one year since I bought my first cheap watercolors and viewed my first online art class. Wow, what an incredible, amazing road it's been!  And I'm only getting started…there's so much good to come. :) Thank-you for allowing me to share my life with you, Glad Game days, regular days, sad days, artsy days…all the days, all the feelings.  I am honored each of you are here. 

Here's to staying warm this week, putting love in motion,
and to creating freely. 


  1. Sara,
    I read this and my heart just goes back to those sweet days of being at home with my boys. Yes, they can seem mundane and routine and like you just need something exciting to happen and then they grow up and you're running the roads and all you can think about is how precious those years were when you could stay at home.
    At the risk of sounding so cliche'.....the season you're in is priceless.

    You make me smile everytime I visit you here.

    I hope everyone starts feeling better soon and Spring comes fast!

    Blessings to you,

    1. Thank-you for your wise and sweet words Debbie! As always, you remind me to treasure this season I'm in. :)

  2. Hello Sara,
    I do hope everyone starts feeling better. I really enjoyed your post. I think its important to find happiness in the routine of daily life. We all have so much to be thankful for. I am glad I found your blog. Spring will be here soon!

    1. Hi Susan! Thank-you so much for your well wishes! And for the reminder that spring will be here soon! I've told myself that a lot this past week and it has been like a vacation in my mind! :)


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