Snow and Birds

Yeah, we had snow this month! 
All you northerners are probably cracking up! I'm a southern gal and cracking up myself! 
Before winter started everyone said it was going to be a hard one.  So and so saw a spoon shape inside the persimmon and you'd better believe that meant buckets of snow.  

I stocked up on extra bags of dry beans and spaghetti in case we couldn't get to the grocery store.  The BIG level of excitement and chaos over the TINY level of snow or ice around these parts is just funny, so I'm told.  I've been an Arkansas gal my whole life so freaking out over a tiny patch of ice seems very normal to me. But go ahead and laugh at us…I don't mind. 
All that to say the so and so's the saw the spoon in the persimmon must need a good old-fashioned eye check because this is it.  What you see is what we've had so far.  A little dusting of a snow. Hardly enough to notice really.  Except for those tiny unique snowflakes that remind me every single time how delicate and amazing and intricate they are when from far away they just look like a clump of cold. 

Hmmm, I suppose that could preach.

Our temperatures have actually been unseasonably warm and although weather seems like a boring place to go, I rather like it.  Much of our lives revolve around the weather outside. I'm sure yours does too. For instance, we love to bird watch right from our back door! 

Each day as we rise to another sunny and colorless day (come on green grass!) the girls and I happily listen to the birds chirping away, pleased with their good fortune of warmer weather.  We even put some bird seed in one of our fancier serving trays on the back deck, just waiting for a bird to come.  We wanted to watch the birds through our binoculars and camera lens. 
We waited and waited.  No birds. 
We waited a few days longer and still nothing. 
Then this brave, bold cardinal showed up and we clapped and cheered like we'd spotted gold. 

It truly was a golden moment, we had our cardinal at last! 

How have you been spending your winter?  Are your eyes set on spring or are you still covered in snow? (I hear there's talk of snow tomorrow! If so, you'll hear us shouting it from the rooftops! Let's make a deal…you send some snow our way and I'll send some sunshine and warmer temps your way!)


  1. I'm in SW Missouri, not to far from Arkansas, and we're expecting a lot of snow tomorrow, like 6-12 inches. That's a lot for me since I'm originally from southern California. :) We need a good snow, and we're excited! I heard a lot of stories of the "spoons" too! ;)

    1. Oh my, 6-12 inches IS a lot for us Southern gals, isn't it?! I hope you're inside and warm with lots of yummy food :)

  2. I think that sounds like a great deal. Not lots of snow this year, but it is cold and dreary right now. I love your cardinal picture, they are my favorite and take my breath away. The bluebird and blue jay were pretty also. I would have been clapping too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Robin! It is cold and dreary here again today and I so very much agree with you-seeing the red pops of color on a cardinal is just such a lovely sight!


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