Our Valentine

This is what our Valentine's Day looks like from the outside looking in.  
Tea parties…the only thing making them better would be if it was on the ceiling. 
"I ask you, having tea parties on the ceiling?!" 
(Mary Poppins…our dear Mary Poppins, such fun we have to look up to!)

Valentine books and talks about love.
Really listening…hugs that linger a little longer, a million and one lessons in sharing.

Choosing to see and teach the rosiest eyesight..in the midst of everyday real life.  

A craft here and there…far from perfect, but more beautiful as is. 
We've celebrated with treats and chocolate, declarations of love, gratitude shown for our hometown heroes (the lady at the post office and grocery store..those kinds of heroes).

And today we're off to a real tea party at Granna's house! 
It's her birthday and all the girls in the family are invited to celebrate! 
Happy Valentine's Day to you! 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too - it looks like you've been celebrating in style and that tea party sounds amazing 😀💗

    1. Happy Valentine's Day…a day late :) Hope you had flowers, chocolate, and some rest :)


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