The world is our playground.

 God sure knew what He was doing when He sent a certain country boy my way. 
My sights were set on the big city in college. 
Isn't that the silliest thing you've ever heard?
 It's true and something my family will never let me live down :). 
I had stars and big city lights in my eyes, not knowing these cows and a country sky is what I needed most.

 And yet here I am, calling calves like these "cutie" and trekking through the pastures, my two girls in tow.  I couldn't be happier. 

 It's been said that the world is our playground.  I'll amen to that. 
More specifically, our farm is our playground.

 Quite often we throw our boots on over whatever we happen to be wearing at the time (jammies or play clothes) and head down to the Log Barn Place where most of our cows reside.  The girls and I drive slow in some places, fast in others.  We roll the windows down, listen real hard, talk to the cows, and imagine.  Boy, do we ever imagine all kinds of things.

 We also love a good treasure hunt.  You never know what will show up on the farm.  Bark, leaves, acorns, sticks in the shapes of letters, stumps, flowers, bugs…I could go on.  The world is a magical place my friends.  The beauty is not lost on my girls and I like that. 

 Sometimes we even come across a love note from God Himself.

 I might not be sure of a lot some days, but I'm sure I feel God in the wind, see Him in my girls' twinkly eyes, hear Him in their laughter….

 Our farm is our place of worship and study.  It's our classroom, our vacation spot from the house chores, and yes-our playground.

We always return to the house physically tired and mentally happy. 
Do you have a place like this you can go? 


  1. So glad you have a place to go. I do that with my grandchildren a bunch. We take off and walk into the trees. Sometimes we sit in someone's deer stand and watch whatever may walk by, usually the dog. Two of them will have their own farm to explore soon. They are so excited!

    1. I love reading that you do this too! Isn't it peaceful and adventurous and wildly entertaining, this being outdoors and free business? We sure think so. How exciting that two of your grandchildren will have their own farm! Heaven on earth :)

  2. Hello Sara,
    I love that twig shaped like a cross. How cool is that? I do pretty much the same thing, but in my garden. There are no cows and it is much smaller than your farm, but like you said, the world is our playground. The beauty of creation never ceases to amaze me! My backyard garden is my favorite place to be.

    1. Hi Susan! I thought this cross shaped twig was so neat too! Then my daughter snapped it in pieces, silly little girl :) I bet your garden is just magical! I'm afraid I have a bit of a black thumb..I do okay with the vegetable garden, but am terrible about watering inside plants.

  3. These pictures are great. It looks like you have a nice place with many areas to explore. Such fun! I stop back often to see what project you are working on, also your post on printer that you use was very helpful. It gave me food for thought with that avenue. Thank you.

    1. Hi Robin! I'm so glad the printer post was helpful! :)

  4. Such a beautiful post and your photo's are lovely. You certainly live in a beautiful place x

    1. Thank-you so much! We are lucky country gals :)

  5. Such a beautiful post and your photo's are lovely. You certainly live in a beautiful place x


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