You'll laugh. You'll cry. (at least I do)

 So this….
 and this….

 and these make me tear up.  And I like that.  It's quiet in the house (except for football on) as I'm typing this and thoughts of fussing or discipline are nowhere to be found as I look through these photos.  I'm just gulping back tears instead.  And as I already weirdly mentioned, I like that.
 I made a confession to Brett this week-that I feel most like myself when my tears are working.  What I mean is I've always had a sensitive heart.  This isn't the same as being a baby or too soft or weak, mind you.  It just means things…more specifically my people, make me tear up.  If I had a dime for every time I apologized for my tears I'd be a rich mama, money-wise at least.  I'm already quite a rich lady. 
(I mean these girls..)
 I like it when I see a commercial that ignites tears, or when I laugh 'till I cry (my girls and Brett are great at making me do this).  I like things and people and movies and books and quotes that get my eyes full.  It's just who I am.  

 I've been taking some medicine the last few months, getting some issues fixed with my mama body. Nothing even remotely like an emergency and hardly worth mentioning at all, except to say my tears hadn't been working as much 'till last week.  I got teared up big time and then got so excited that I felt fully like myself my laughter brought more tears!  
(don't even get me started on the last few episodes of Parenthood…)

 It's why I like photos so much.  They capture a story that tells so much more than our little minds can remember.  All of life could tell of a hard angle I suppose, if we want to view it that way.  Motherhood, working full time, being a wife, just waking up a human being on this Earth has its own level of hard.  There are plenty of others paid plenty of money to capture that view on the news. 
What I like to capture is this.  

 Imaginations at work,
joy and light tucked in every nook and cranny. 

My girls showing such great kindness to a pretend horse….still in jammies on a regular winter afternoon. 

Insert laughing 'till I cry, feeling like myself,
and finding the rosy in the routine.


  1. Those first few pictures are just so sweet. One can almost feel the innocence of your precious girls. Beautiful.

  2. Always enjoy coming for a visit Sara. I leave with a little smile every time!

  3. Hi Sara, found you through Alisa and I'm so glad I did (she's awesome in person, BTW - I'm lucky enough to live just a few hours away and did a retreat with here last year). Your words "I feel most like myself when my tears are working" sparked such truth in my heart. I'm going through a period now of trying to find me again through work and mommyhood and wifedom, and I'm having trouble finding the good, everyday tears instead of the wrenching ones that aren't so good. Thank you for helping me put my feelings into words, and giving me something to think about.

    1. Hi there! Thank-you so much for your words. I took a peek at your blog and what a pretty space you have! Your pictures are quite breath-taking. I'm sorry the good tears are hard to find lately. I have seasons like that too…and it's just tiring isn't it? I'll pray for you.. that goodness and light will fill the nooks and crannies of your everyday life, bringing back those happy tears.


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