Magazine Features and a peek in my art journal..

 Hi friends! Somehow, for some reason, I've ended up in two magazines this month!  
Although I'm not against boldly submitting ideas and doing nothing short of begging to be published (ha!), this time around the opportunities came to me, without me even asking for them.  And that's usually how it works, if I'm honest.  At least that's how my journey as an artist has been so far.  I work hard and do 99% of life behind-the-scenes and then an opportunity (or two) comes along and I feel like the luckiest gal.  Here's a funny story to keep things real.  A couple of years ago, when Anna Ruth was a baby, I submitted another idea to Mingle magazine and never heard back.  I was so disappointed and trying so hard to make something happen.  I've since learned a lesson or two about sloooowing down.  
 You may remember last spring when I mentioned we had a real life photo shoot at my house! It was one of my top favorite days of last year, for sure.  I received an email from a gal named Sunday, asking if they could see pictures of my home.  She was headed to Arkansas with a photographer and another friend had given them my name.  I sent the pictures over and long story short-I got to tag along with a stylist and photographer in my home for a day last May! It was absolutely dreamy.  

Both Mark and Sunday were the kindest people. I was sad to see them go.  Around the start of December a magazine editor wrote, asking for details about the shot Mark and Sunday got of my craft room! 
 And here it is!  I am honored to have my studio featured on the last page of a new publication called Room to Create!  I found this magazine at my local Hobby Lobby, but have heard Barnes and Noble and Target are carrying it also.  As I mentioned on IG….don't ever take yourself too seriously.  I sure try not too.  I noticed my name was spelled "Torpett" instead of "Torbett" :).  Funny and real life.  
 Quite some time back Mingle magazine sent an email over as well, asking about my Rosy Retreats.  They'd seen them on my blog and wanted to know more.  You just know I was more than delighted to share!  Surprised they'd asked, really and just honored, once again.  
I wrote the story myself and am so pleased with the layout of the article.  The Mingle team did a fantastic job! (but then again, they always do)  You can find this magazine at Barnes and Noble and online at Stampington.  
 I've entered the new year with oodles of ideas I'd like to try, artistically speaking.  I received some new art supplies for Christmas and it's been so fun to play! Of course, I wish to have a booming business someday, but if I do, I hope I'll always remember to carve out time to play. 
 There's just something so FUN about giving myself time to pull out whatever supplies or stencils or stamps I'd like.  Or to be painting one thing, then have an idea for another, and instantly make the idea happen!  

 I love it when my ideas have a chance to become fluid.  Easily moving from one thought to another and taking immediate action.  It's just electrifying. 
 I've been starting my days in the studio, bible and coffee in hand. 
Afterwards I try to take at least five minutes to play in my art journal. 
 Sometimes I have a sketch in mind I want to put on the paper.  Other times I simply challenge myself to stop over-thinking things so much and just get some paint, patterns, and texture down on the page.  Then I can always go back later and add a sketch or quote, or even leave the page alone just as it is.

 For me, that's the beauty of an art journal. It's a free pass, if you will. 
If the idea works out-wonderful, hip-hip-hooray! 
But if not, no worries. There's still valuable knowledge to glean, even from the lesser liked pages.

 I need to do a post about my favorite art supplies soon because my world of what I've tried has really opened up lately!  Some of my supplies are costly and I can see why when I use them.  They are so vibrant there's no way a cheaper version would compare.  But then other costly supplies I own have left me a bit puzzled and wanting more.  These little cheap acrylic paints are at the top of my list of favorites.  I've learned cost doesn't always equal how well I'll like something.  

 I also work in my art journal in the evenings some too.  It sure helps pass the long winter evenings.  

 ( I just noticed my daughter's Doc McStuffins panties on the chair behind my art journal, lol!!)

 Even when it looks like I'm not up to something, my art journal is where you can find me.  It's where I'm finding me.  My style, the colors that make my heart race, the placement of words and sketches that look right to my eyes.  

Oh, and I couldn't remember if I'd shared or not, but I added these to the shop last week! 

This week I plan to work more in my art journal,
and make actual canvases from several ideas I've jotted down here and there.

I'll be blogging about more fun toddler activities,
and details about the Rosy Retreats this spring and summer! 
And I suppose about whatever else drifts my way, 
into The Rosy Life this week. :) 

Be kind to yourself. 


  1. Congratulations Sara! What a huge and well deserved honor. Mingle is one of my favorite Stampington magazines. I will email you soon when I have a few minutes to linger in your shop. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank-you so much Patty! I love Mingle magazine too before even being published so that made it even more of an honor. :)

  2. Huge Congratulations Sara- well deserved my dear!

  3. Sara,
    Congrats on the two publications!!

    I love the journal and if those are necklaces.....I want one!!

    1. Thank-you so much, for your kind words and your order Debbie! I appreciate it! :)

  4. That's amazing! ! I'm over the moon excited for you:)

  5. Hi, I just popped over from Alisa's blog. Congrats on the magazine entries! So exciting!
    What are the Pitt pens in one of the photos above? I haven't seen them before.
    I was reading some of your background info and have to say, we are similar. I used to work as a nurse but it wasn t until I became a stay at home mom that creativity really became my life. Now I feel like I can't be without it! And my girls love it too!

    1. Hi Sara! I love that our names are spelled the same :). Thank-you so much for the congrats! The Pitt pens are like a marker and the brand is Faber Castell. They are awesome! They are permanent and great for use with shading and drawing/doodling on canvases! I also use them to color my rubber stamps…so much easier and neater (and faster) than using paint or even a stamp pad a lot of times. They are a bit pricey. These particular ones came in a gift set on amazon and seemed to be cheaper than buying each individual color at Hobby Lobby. I hope that helps! Happy creating!


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