The Rosy Life Art shop update!

 Hi everybody! I'm excited to show you some new items just added to the shop this afternoon!  If you're local, I'll also have similar items for sale at Vintage Market Days in April, taking place at the Bentonville Fair Grounds.  For now, you can find the link for these new items, including this hand painted, stitched garland, underneath each picture.

Wood photo blocks have been an idea of mine for a while!  The first one was listed in the shop today! They are colorful, sturdy, and perfect for tucking into a little nook in your home to display your favorite  memo, note, or photo. 

Three new painted, stitched flowers on a branch were added as well…
these are perfect for gifting a friend or slipping into your favorite Mason jar or vase.
This will be offered as a beautiful postcard soon, complete with rounded corners! I can't wait to show you!  
This is a look at my new business cards I designed and ordered this week as well.  As much as I'd love to have the most creative handmade business cards on the planet….there just simply isn't time to do everything myself!  So, designing them myself was a close second. 

I'm excited about the new ideas coming to The Rosy Life art shop! 
Think: scripture art and spring art! 
What would you like to see in the shop?


  1. CUTE!!! I love the postcard, and of course, I love the stitched, paper flowers. I need some joy flowers. Will you have these at your show in April? Where did you print your business cards? I need to get some new ones, but I really don't know how to design my own.

    1. Hi Cheryl! First, if I actually get to meet you in April I must give you a hug! You feel like such a friend to me :) . Yes, I will have some "joy" flowers! As for the business cards, I need to do a whole post about what I've tried and what has worked/what hasn't. I'll give you the short answer for now….I use Overnight Shipping for the postcards and business cards both. The quality is awesome! I am always so, so pleased with them. If you don't want to design your own you can use some of their designs they already have on their website! They have some really cute ones. :)

  2. so happy to have found your blog through Alissa B.! I am having an art group nite at my home this week and we are painting wood blocks! Tyou for the inspiration! Also, I was wondering where u get your business cards done and how? I have been wanting to do this! LOVE LOVE LOVE your art!

    1. Hi Jane! Nice to meet you! Your art group sounds wonderful. I hope you all have such a fabulous time! I get my business cards done from Overnight Prints. You can either upload your own design (I choose this option, using Picmonkey to create a collage to then upload) or choose from one of their many cute designs!

  3. Those wood blocks are completely sweet! Loving all the great color! The sweet little inspirational messages are wonderful. Your work is very nice.
    Have a most lovely and creative day!

    1. Thank-you so much Indigo! I need to paint some more wood blocks for the shop…I had a hard time listing this one. I wanted to keep it :) lol.


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