Sugar-Free Chocolate Syrup, Banana, Coconut Parfait

Ok, so I totally made this recipe name up, as well as the recipe!  I'm the lucky duck who had a root canal this week that was "really bad and infected" according to the dentist.  Yeah!  Go me.  So, I've been eating mushy food for about a week.  I didn't realize how much crunchy food I rely on since giving up sugar..think: blue corn tortilla chips, popcorn, almonds…sigh. 

So, when the gals from our church group met for our monthly girls' night I knew I needed a creative solution for "the mush".  Enter, my new parfait idea!  It's made up of plain Greek yogurt, a sugar-free chocolate syrup, unsweetened coconut, and bananas!  It's delicious! 
 At girls' night my friend suggested peanut butter on the parfaits so for this version I actually decided to warm several ingredients on the stove to make a sort of syrup.  I used a tablespoon or two of honey, about the same of natural, unsweetened cocoa powder, and about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.
(excuse the cruddy quality photos..)
 I noticed that my ingredients were making more of a paste than a syrup but knew I didn't want to add any more honey.  Too much honey makes me feel funny! So instead I threw in a splash of unsweetened vanilla coconut almond milk (say that three times fast, whew!).
 As I stirred the almond milk in the ingredients melted together just perfectly to create a thick syrup.  
I had a sweet helper and her horn while I tried to snap a quick pic of the ingredients! 

 To assemble the parfait I put plain Greek yogurt in first, next diced bananas, then the chocolate syrup.  I topped it all off with unsweetened coconut!  This was so tasty and rich tasting!  I think the syrup would even be fantastic on apples…you could make apple nachos with the syrup and coconut drizzled on top!  Yum.

A note about the yogurt, if you're used to eating sugar then the plain Greek yogurt might taste a bit bitter to you. It isn't sweet at all.  The bananas and chocolate syrup on top give it just the right amount of sweet.  

I hope you get a chance to try this out this weekend! 


  1. oh that looks amazing - I'm off dairy at the moment to help the tiny boy stop spitting milk everywhere and even soya yoghurt seems to cause a problem but I think it might just be amazing on top of a coconut milk ice cream - or even swirled in!

    1. Hi Carie! Your tiny boy is so, so cute. I just adore the pictures you take! Hmm…sorry to hear you're off dairy for now, but I understand needing to put the babes needs first! Maybe this can be an idea to save for later?

      Happy Weekend friend. :)

  2. This looks really great! I've been making smoothies for the grand kids using yogurt we make from cow's milk. Using fresh fruit gives just enough sweet. I really like the chocolate syrup idea using honey. It could come in handy so many places.

    1. Hi there! Your yogurt sounds amazing! We have cows on our farm, but they're not dairy cows. Do y'all farm too? The chocolate syrup is so, so good. In fact, I *may* be eating another bowl right now as I'm writing this! :) With yogurt, syrup, coconut, and apple….so filling and tastes like a treat. Yum. :)


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