Our Creative Table: creating with my girls!

This week has been full of drama. 
Tooth drama that is.  Long story short, I've been in severe pain for almost a week and got the problem fixed with a root canal yesterday.  Three cheers for root canals!  Actually it was quite rough, but necessary and today I am finally feeling a bit more like myself!  And I like feeling like myself and the daily rhythms and routines the girls and I partake in.  We have our groove, my sweet gals and I.  It felt so good this morning to hear the dishwasher, washing machine, and my voice mingled with my girls.  
 The first thing we did after breakfast and morning chores was create a table just begging to be played with!  I covered the entire table in brown kraft paper, found at Dollar Tree.  A tip for you: You can also purchase an enormous roll of contractor's paper from Lowe's for around $11.  It would seriously last you forever.  And ever.  
 Next we got out all of our art supplies!  Stickers, watercolors, new giant ink pads (found for half off at Target), crayons, string, paint, glue, scissors, and watercolor paper filled the table, ready to be played with.  

 I absolutely love to watch the girls in action.  Anna Ruth usually says "Look Mom!" about a million times when she's creating because she gets so excited about what ends up on the page.  And I like that. You bet I look every single time.  
 Sometimes we do more structured art activities at the table, but this way is probably my favorite.  I'll occasionally show the girls a step or two (like how to use the stamp pad) and then sit down with them.  As I let their freedom and imaginations run wild, they get to see me create right alongside them.  

 This homegirl up above looks like she got a black eye!  But I suppose that's the fun of creating..there are no rules or perfect ideas to live up to.  We just try things and see how they work!  And then laugh when we end up with eyes that look sorta funny. Maybe she's just winking?! 
 I will say that Betsy Grace loves a good mess and is more likely to use the art supplies for that very reason.  See that large puddle on the top right?  She thought it would be fun to dip her stamps in the watercolor cup.  To each their own! 
My top favorite part of our creative table is the confidence the girls show when they make something they're proud of.  And they're always proud of what they make.  It wouldn't occur to them to be anything but.  Friends, we should take note of that! These little girls have a lesson to preach to us all!

I'll be back in a day or two with some more of our preschool learning activities we've enjoyed lately!
'Till then, happy creating!


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! I love the idea of covering the table with paper. We've done giant pictures down the length of the hallwaybut it looks fun to try it on the table too!

    1. Hi Carie! I love the idea of using the hallway! My girls would really think that was a treat. We'll have to try that next time!

  2. I found your blog thanks to the picture on Pinterest. I really like it - your place is so colorful, so creative and so happy! Jolana

    1. Hi Jolana! Your name slightly reminds me of my twin sister's…Jana. :) That is a very good thing! Nice to meet you and welcome! :)

  3. I love this so much!! I babysit my two little cousins and am amazed at their carefree ways of creating, wish I could be more like that. Love this table of fun and color and would join you if I could.
    I'm following you on IG now, it's easier since I don't get time on the computer much to visit blogs. So fun seeing your fun posts during my day.
    Happy Friday and weekend, we are getting a bit of a warm up today and I will be outside soaking it up.

    1. Hi Dawn! I too have learned so much from watching the carefree creative ways of my girls…they are my greatest influence. What is your IG name? EEkkk….I admit to being terrible at getting on there to browse enough to see who has followed me so I can follow them back! And if I'm already following you back, double the apologies! This darn pain medicine has me all kinds of wacky this week. :/


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