What I'm reading.

 Are you a reader?  I've always been an enormous bookworm since a very young age.  I remember liking almost nothing more than a trip to the library and a whole afternoon to read.  Fast forward to now.  I still adore reading but my days of having nothing on the to do list but read are nowhere to be found!  Still there's nothing quite like relaxing with a book and a hot cup of Tazo Passion tea, snuggled under a handmade quilt from my mama in the winter time.  I've admittedly started several fiction books lately and stopped them.  Once I make it past mention of people dying, affairs, cancer, and depression (and a lot of times that's all in one book!) I suddenly don't feel so relaxed and recharged from my reading.  But, I'm happy to say the reading fairies must have smiled on me lately because I have lucked into several books I am really, really enjoying.  Like look forward to going to bed so I can read…enjoying.  

First, I almost always have a cookbook and kids' project book on hand.  I liked both of these above because they fit very well with our current life season.  For me, eating a diet that's 90-95% sugar free (Honey and Oats) and using whatever we have on hand and can stretch our imaginations with to teach the girls. (Project Kid)
 This really makes the list.  The top of the list!  This book of poems was given to me by my Grandma and Papaw (Hi! I love you!) and so it is especially special to read.  The poems in it are just lovely….smooth as butter to read.  
 From the looks of things, I'd better get to reading huh! :)  This is my current nightstand stack.  Some of these are mine and have the potential to sit on the nightstand 'till spring.  The top part of the stack are from our local library.  I stumbled upon a book by Sandra Dallas called A Quilt for Christmas in the new books section at the library.  I'm not even sure what made me pick it up because it looked like historical fiction which I typically don't like.  But, in a desperate moment….desperate to have something to read other than a magazine, I snatched it up.  And really ended up liking it!! How exciting to have an author I enjoy!  So several of the books in this stack are by her…with a few others like Orphan Train and The Reunion thrown in because they were recommended by friends or family.
No, I'm not keeping a real-estate secret.  Those books are my husbands because he's really interested in ranching and real estate.  But, the three sandwiched in the middle are almost always reads.  I read books by Shauna Niequest on an almost daily basis.  Have you read her books?  They're wordy but in a relatable way and real-life and detailed.  I guess I just can't quite put my finger on what makes her so brilliant.  She just writes so, so well about the beauty in the broken…

the "rosy in the routine" if you will. 

Of course, I always have a stack of magazines (O magazine as well as any publication by Stampington being my favorite) around too. 

So tell me-what are YOU reading?  Do you adore getting lost in a book as much as I do?


  1. Sara,
    I love your choices of books :)
    Right now I'm reading Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers. It's fiction, and the first fiction I've read in a while.

    I just finished Jennie Allen's two - Anything and Restless - which will change everything!

    I've got Bread and Wine and Your Best Yes on the shelf waiting on me.

    My favorite books are actually mysteries and biographies. I'm actually wanting to buy Sadie Robertson's new book. Even though she's only 17, she is a great role model and strong in her faith.

    Of course I have the usual Stampington publications on my shelf, as well as Mary Jane's Farm, which you might like :)

  2. I love a good stack of books and I love seeing what everyone else is reading, too. It's kind of like peeking in the window of a pretty house at night, just wondering if their life looks anything like yours. I have a stack of Stampington magazines that I read and reread all the time. It's been a while since I splurged. What's been your favorite one lately?


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