She learned to peel an orange.

 She learned to peel an orange and I learned I live to capture these moments.
These tiny moments that are really the big ones.
 While I do occasionally appreciate a posed photo, it's the everyday moments captured that quickly bring a tear to my eye.  The dimples in her hand…that will soon be gone.  Her little tongue barely sticking out in concentration.  Story after story is being told in these photos, no posing required.
 Bravery + confidence + excitement = this moment when she expectantly asked "Can I do it?" 

I gave her a few pointers and watched her begin to peel, piece after piece. 
Every now and then her eyes would raise and she'd grin with the biggest twinkle in her eyes, as if to say "Do you see me mom? I'm doing it!"
Oh yes, definitely for sure these are the moments I live to capture. 
Everyday life, human emotions happening naturally, a spark of interest here,
a twinkle in the eye there. 


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