The lake in the fall.

 We live near the lake. 
In fact, only a couple of minutes from the lake. 
I'm sure I've probably mentioned that before.  But sometimes the lake is just one of our normals that's so engrained in our everyday life and schedule it just seems as natural as the morning coffee. 
 We were engaged on the lake you know…..
Brett and I, without a clue as to what we were getting ourselves into. 
And I mean that in a very, very good way.  We were so cluelessly in love, really.  We hadn't learned to wade through the deep waters of real, endless, determined love back then.  Not like now.  Still, I'll always remember the antique (gorgeous) ring held out and "Sara, will you marry me?"
 And so, when we moved from town to our house on the farm,
the lake became a regular thing for us.  We drive over it every single time we go just about anywhere.  Now I have the privilege and fun of saying "There's our lake girls!  See any boats?"  Every. Single. Time.
 We talk about the color of the water, the motion of the waves or the stillness….the fog that looks eery and mysterious in the mornings.  We wave at other boats and wonder who is catching what fish.
 This summer we ventured onto the lake with a sense of wild adventure…. a bit more carefree.  Then along came autumn and I told Brett we just had to get out on the lake.  Just had to see a sunset from the water, not just from being a spectator in the car.  
 We quickly packed a bag of picnic food, bundled the girls up, and away we went…autumn lake bound.

 We sped along, the girls smearing Cheetos cheese everywhere imaginable, the sun playing peek-a-boo.  Then the moment came.

 The glorious, moody, drenching sunset.  
It was heavenly from the water.

The lake in the fall…
another great chapter to add to our lake stories.  
A deep, rich tale of time together. 


  1. oh my. Stunning pictures! so real. I love love the picture of the girls eating. The banana laying on the boat edge and the olives. Perfection. :) You capture life. It is breathtaking my friend. A true gift. :) Happy Fall!!!

  2. Your photography is amazing. We are camera-less right now and it is breaking my heart when I see missed photo opportunities. I love the water and there is something about autumn that makes everything look a bit more magical. Please keep posting such lovely photos.

  3. Such beautiful fall pictures!! Thanks for sharing!! Fall is such a magical time of the year
    with stunning sunsets,color everywhere and falling leaves. Thanks for capturing these Autumn moments in pictures.


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