"Thank-you" and I like this and randomness galore.

Friends, I must start by saying "thank-you".  Several of you sweet ladies have left kind words and thoughtful comments and I just haven't been good about responding.  I read every single word left, every trail of encouragement and appreciated them all.  I'll go ahead and take the award for worst comment-responder, like in the history of ever!  

Two comments made in real life about my blog lately were "How is your blog going?" and "You haven't been posting as much."  My response to both was that the blog is going good because I think it's good and I blog mostly for me.  Sure, I hope I've encouraged others to see a much rosier side to their world most of the time after leaving here, this "house" of sorts called The Rosy Life.  But mostly, I blog for me.  To remember how teeny my babies legs and voices used to be…and as far as posting-I'm still here.  Sometimes I'll put the link to the blog posts up on Facebook but I must let you in on a secret which is-I'm liking Facebook a little bit less every single time I'm on there.  Lately things getting my attention also get the beneficial factor test.  It goes hand in hand.  Meaning I'll ask myself how beneficial something is to my joy tank and overall life purpose and if it ranks very low then……off you go.  So all that rambling to say, Facebook does very (very) little or really nothing at all for my joy tank and precious minutes in my day.  Just a personal thing.  But a few of you DO find my links there the most often and you really matter to me a lot, so I'll try to keep posting there.  

(hopefully you're not feeling like this after that long, rambling bit and want to stick around for the rest of the post, lol! ) 

Did you know I'm going to have a two-year old (Betsy) and a three-year old at the end of the month?  If it sounds like crazy-town and joyful and busy and energetic and so, so blessed to your ears…you're right.  We've just had a fantastic day at the zoo with the girls today, after Brett surprised us with a day off!  It was the first time both girls were equally excited and running around, this way and that.  I'm sure we'd worked off our Braum's breakfast (delicious by the way) in the first hour of being at the zoo!  Anna Ruth wanted to zigzag from this animal to that, making sure she didn't miss anything.  Once Betsy Grace set her eyes on a monkey she kept saying "nonkey" the rest of the trip and pretty much made it her goal to find every monkey in the place and then stare at them in wonder.  Adorable.  Just adorable.  Pictures to come later! 
Our garden is still feeding us very well even though we know it's on the downward slope 'till spring.  It has made eating healthy so incredibly easy which isn't something I've blogged about in a while. I suppose I just haven't had it in me to try and blog like I have things figured out because usually as soon as I do something throws me for a loop and I figure out I don't. I AM still sugar-free, 90% of the time, I've been walking/jogging on the treadmill a few times a week.  But also really love a plate of cheese and crackers.    What's sad to me is the shame that comes with so many women for having a "baby bump" stomach.  You know what I mean…..anything that's not a six-pack.  I have a stomach that looks like I've had two kids and I'm tired of feeling shame about that and trying to suck it in.  So when I saw this video….well, let's just say my body (baby bump and all, NOT pregnant) wanted to jump up and down and fist pump my way into a happy dance.
Here's to being real and keeping it real.
I do not have a six-pack.  I have a bit of a tummy.
I also have two gorgeous, smart, beautiful, sweet little girls.
I win. :)


I've had some funny conversations lately with people about a "happy mess".  And plenty of questions about what my cleaning schedule is like. I'm actually rolling with laughter at that one because I'm not the most organized soul you'll ever meet.  I do okay though, remember I taught 28 fourth-graders before I was a stay-at-home mama and you must be organized for that! You simply must!  

We do bathrooms and mop and vacuum and dust and all that fun stuff every other week here…and in between wipe kitchen counters and sweep and clean and tidy up at least two or three times a day.  And do laundry and dishes, load after load, every single day.  Almost all day.  It's real life and it's messy.  And lately I've been choosing to leave things out, like these Legos.  In defense of the "happy mess."  But really, is this a mess?  I don't think so. 

I see potential. I see ideas lurking.  I see imagination.

We do love a good t.v. session at our house also.  We've seen every single Curious George to date.  As far as I know at least.  I believe when I'm old and my kids are grown, I'll stack some Pampers diapers next to the bed and listen to Curious George.  Both almost bring me to tears when I think of life existing without them.  This week Betsy Grace was getting over an ear infection so she got some cuddle time with her blankie and Curious George.  

I'm happy to say Betsy Grace is learning to like attending pre-school one morning a week.  She tucks her yellow quilt my sweet, talented momma made her in hand and what security it is for her.  A handmade quilt will do that you know.  
In between all these little bits of life happening that are really the big bits of life….
I was planning and working away on the Holiday Rosy Retreat. 
You saw me mention it here plenty of times and on Facebook and Instagram. 

For several different reasons, some having to deal directly with the retreat, others with our regular lives and the season we're in, I decided to cancel it. 

Friends, this made me so sad.  I had to let some women down and tell them I'd canceled and that just didn't feel good.  But in my heart of hearts I knew it was the right decision. 

God is doing something new in our family's lives in this season….
it's the change that you know it just around the corner. 
I don't mean to be vague, but really that's all I know to say for now.  

It'll be good because God is good.  I can hear my dad quoting the scripture to me that "God works all things together for good"….and I believe that.  I can feel our family of four bonding closer together, tighter by the minute.  I can feel a few authentic friendships strengthening, I can feel the unknown.  It's all very exciting when you look at it from an eternal view…I pray and believe to touch other people's lives for God.  
I'm going to keep to keep it real…..and it's tiring.  It's easier and less energetic to stay the same.  
But to say Yes to change?  It's like climbing the tallest mountain of your life.  You haven't soared yet, but you know it's coming.  Or like the caterpillar must feel in the cocoon.  Wondering "Are you sure my wings are growing?  Are you sure this dark will bring light?"

And it does friend.  
God is light and HE is our light as a family
and so we watch and wait for what He's doing in our lives.

And in the meantime, we rest, cocooned tightly together.
Winter is here, but spring is coming.
To end this rambling post…
I watched this performance this week and boy did it give me chills. 
I've even watched it several times since…
chills every time. 
"Something in the water…"
yes, my friend there is.  



  1. Yay for randomness! Life can be pretty random filled at times so why not embrace it and go with it! And I'm with you on the mummy tummy - I've still got a huge mummy tummy but then I also have two daughters and a 10 week old son! I'm trying to learn to love it but it's not as easy as I'd like it to be!

  2. Sara.....
    Love your writing style. Each time I visit your blog I am encouraged. YES...hold on to those precious moments with your girls.....it does go so fast. So thankful for the closeness God has brought to our family in this new season of life.....we have quieted down so much but it feels right. I loved what you wrote about how winter is here but spring is coming. YOU are such a wise and soulful woman......thank you.....keep writing!!
    PS...I am with ya about FACEBOOK......it is not filling any joy into my tank, either...ugh!


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