"Delighted", the princess said.

It was an afternoon, post-nap play session like any other.  Desperately trying to excite the girls about the second half of the day and chase the grumpies right out the door.  We almost couldn't chase them fast enough for my girls are very slow to wake up.  But then, out came the magic yellow suitcase full of dress-up clothes.

Anna Ruth wanted to be a princess.  She tip-toed her way in to a fluffy princess dress and then quickly accessorized herself with as many scarves as she could scoop up.  
I asked if she wanted the table to be set "fancy".  
"Oh sure! I'd be delighted!" she exclaimed. We used our best china, decorated with a few festive props for a centerpiece and the princess was pleased.

It's the small things that are really the big things,
isn't it?