Fall party.

Years ago we started a tradition.  
I believe it was when Brett and I were first dating and around the corner came fall. 
I'm a fall girl now, but not at all like I used to be. Summer in the country changed my mind a bit.  I used to be THE fall girl, October being my favorite month out of the entire year I think.  In the midst of my autumn excitement, a suggestion to host a fall party was thrown out into the wind.  The idea stuck.
There truly IS something mysterious and romantic about the fall, don't you think?

This little gathering takes place at the cabin on the farm.  Friends and family come out for an evening of relaxing, s'mores making, talking, eating (lots of eating) and just being……together, the best place to be.

For the past several years there's been a hayride but I've been inside with a baby.  This year I was pleased as could be that both girls were big enough for the ride!  We got a scenic tour around the farm pasture, all squeezed in tight on itchy bales of hay.  The stars looked bigger than ever.  

I like marking the beginning of each season with a celebration.  A time to remember that this isn't "just another fall", but a brilliant thing happening.  How else can we explain the hot summer temperatures drifting into the cool autumn winds?  There's nothing ordinary about it.  


  1. Oh that sounds wonderful! After all isn't the best bit about actually having seasons the moment when you get to celebrate them!

  2. This is such a lovely idea. It makes me want to have a party to celebrate each new season!


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