A trip to the Botanical Garden

We were blessed and surprised with an envelope containing a family season pass to the local botanical garden.  The last time we attended Betsy Grace was still fairly small and needed to be held a lot.  This time around I was excited to see how the adventure would play out with two girls on the move!  

The garden is just a short drive from our house (20 minutes or less is considered short for our country-loving hearts) so we picked a nice fall day and loaded up.  We were delighted to find a new sandbox area at the garden which the girls wasted no time hurrying and scurrying about, pouring and dumping, building and imagining.  I even got to sit down for a total of at least 5 minutes while they happily played together! 

After recently completing a whole season of Project Runway I was inspired to take my camera along and photograph some things I wanted to try my hand at in my sketch book.  I love the challenges on the show when the contestants go on an inspiration walk and then incorporate some of their ideas into their clothing.

Of course my girls excitement over the butterflies, flowers, and colors was wildly inspiring.  They see the world through such a curious and passionate lens.  

One of my favorite parts of the garden, besides the amazing hue of colors that is, was the texture.  I suppose God could have made a bouquet of flat flowers, and they still would have been unique, perhaps even interesting.  I'm so glad He didn't.  I'm thankful for layers and texture in the simplest things like the nature that surrounds us because it so easily reminds me of the many layers and texture to our own lives.  And how that's what makes us-and life-interesting and worth studying.  Our stories are fascinating and multi-faceted. Much like the beauties at the Botanical Garden.


  1. Love all the beautiful images, such eye candy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. What a stunning spot! I love your pictures and I'm looking forward to seeing what the inspiration provokes back home in the studio!


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