Early morning autumn walk...

The mornings are suddenly darker, colder, and cozier making it harder than ever to get out of bed.  My head and alarm tell me it's time to rise and shine, but oh how my feet and body long to stay snuggled in my warm cocoon of blankets and homemade quilts from my momma
One particular morning last week I made it out of bed and carried on my routine as usual.  Although I looked ready from the outside for whatever I would meet and greet that particular day, the inside of me just wasn't ready to shine just yet.  The girls hadn't woke up yet which is rare.
Rather than waste the time away on the computer or crawling back in bed, I decided to go for an early morning walk.  As soon as I stepped outside the cold (cold!) morning air made me gasp….Rise and Shine indeed! 

As I walked around the yard, garden, and woods, feet dripping with the morning dew, I felt my heart fill with gratitude after gratitude.

Thanks for things like magical webs left from the night's frost,
deep, rich hues that remind you to slow down and take deeper breaths.

Bright, cheerful autumn colors,
bold rays of light that look as if God Himself is smiling right at you.

I ended the walk, with memories of really savoring at least one fall morning by myself.  My own private worship sanctuary.

The best part was, I got to come in to this. 

Two energetic, happy, healthy little girls…..
after my walk I was refreshed and ready to love them as God loves me.