Last week I decided to finally open up this stamp-making kit I'd had from my birthday. I'd been too intimidated to open up because what if I messed the stamp up?  

Turns out I didn't mess the stamp up but discovered a whole new hobby instead!  You guys, stamp-making is seriously fun.  And addicting.  

First I sketched a drawing on a piece of tracing paper, then rubbed the design onto the stamp piece with the back of my finger nail.  Last, I used the etching tool to carve away the stamp.  Easy-peasy! 
This is an honest look at my first markings, which didn't look all that great but good enough to want to keep trying!  
I kept carving more, here and there, and came up with the image on the right! I was very pleased with this one.  :)  Brett said it looked like an owl, so maybe it wasn't as great as I thought! It's supposed to be a vase of flowers.  
I also carved this little lady.  I think carving a much simpler design would probably be a good idea because some of her head details got lost in the carve.  You know me though, I'm almost never a fan of perfect things, so I think she looks imperfectly beautiful. 
I can't wait to carve more stamps!  See, even as I'm typing this blog post I feel myself waking up out of my slumber and excited to create again.  I read a quote by Ann Voskamp that said "Daily disciplines are doors to full freedom."  Perhaps this means creatively too?
  Last weekend I had the honor of photographing a family on our farm...I'm excited to show you those pictures soon!  I'll also start taking sign-ups for spring photos for those of you who like to plan ahead! 

Lately, with the much longer fall evenings, I've also really been into painting while I watch tv or hang out with Brett.  The page on the left is a favorite of mine for some reason. :)

What have you been up to creatively this week? I'd love to hear! 


  1. I did lino printing at school and I loved it, the prints I made used to hang on the wall of my bedroom at home. I'm seriously tempted to try that sort of stamp carving because it looks like all that fun without needing a press the size of a fridge to get a good imprint - maybe the next time we have a really rainy day!


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