Pumpkin Patch

We seem to have pumpkin patch after pumpkin patch in our area...lots to choose from which is fun! 
For us though, we always stick with Vanzant's Produce stand. Just big enough for our girls to roam, but not so crowded it can't be enjoyed with your family.  
I suppose technically this isn't a pumpkin "patch" because the pumpkins are already picked.
I have the sweetest memories EVER of taking Anna Ruth to Vanzant's when she was just a few months old.  It was one of our first fun family outings that we knew would turn into a tradition.  I remember Anna Ruth scratching the pumpkins and trying to chew on hay and thinking it was the CUTEST thing I'd ever seen.  And it was, really.

And look at us now!! This picture sums up my entire world.  If you're a mama....you know the hours of baths, cooking, laundry, disciplining, loving, teaching, praying, playing, imagining, and hard work that goes into a glorious sight such as this.  I treasure these three more than anything....

What fun it is to have two toddlers to take places!  

It was very hard for my two sweeties to understand that they couldn't eat all these apples right out of the bucket! We left with more apples than I intended because *someone* took a bite out of some and helped themselves.  It's funny now that I think about it! The girls truly thought someone had set up an apple buffet for them.  

I could look at these rich fall colors all day long.  There's such a timeless, easy beauty about pumpkins isn't there?  No extra fluff needed-the pumpkin is pretty all on its own.  Perhaps without even knowing it is!  I think it would be super fun to do a fall photo shoot or dinner party among the apple trees! Perhaps someday. 

Have you been to any patches?


  1. Aww they look so sweet together in their matching dresses! We don't really get pumpkin patches around here in the same way; they look like lots of fun though :)


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