A little studio sprucing...

The happy messes had begun to take over. 
I decided it was time for a little sprucing in the studio.  I had big dreams and visions of shelves being hung on the only empty wall in the room, or buying an Ikea cart so I could see all my paints and sprays and stencils all at once, instead of them being stuffed in five different cabinets all over the room. 

But real life won.  The truth is my time, funds, and energy are limited!  I've found this usually creates an outcome far better than if I'd spent days and days on something.  Motherhood has taught me many things, but among them-to think quickly and creatively on my feet.  

So that's just what I did. 

 I took the studio from looking like this...
 to this.  In just a matter of one nap time!  As an artist, I am still mama first.  So I don't have studio hours where childcare is provided or even time where I paint for my job and the girls do something else.  I go in this room at nap/rest time, late at night, or early in the morning.  Having it organized and appealing to my visual self is key.  I'm so happy with how this turned out! I've saved myself the $50 on an Ikea cart and instead used this old metal shelf from Anna's closet (that was empty) and spray-painted it to hold all  my art goodies!  
 My main goal with organizing so many things on the shelf was so that I could open up a bunch of counter space for photography projects, crafts and decorating, and painting/art journaling.  
 I tried to be thoughtful with the placement of a few favorites on the windowsill..
 and my inspiration wall is bursting with color and creativity, like always.
 I sit in this chair a lot and think the vintage quilt makes it even more dreamy! I have to watch Anna Ruth or she'll sneak into this room and pick off the paint...she doesn't like chippy paint at all!  
 This little piece of the wall makes me happy and reminds me of the stylist, Sunday, who came for the magazine photo shoot last May. I got to play along and "help".......I loved seeing her idea of layering the pinwheels on top of the paper piece.  Instantly more interesting!  
 I hung up this gold drape over the door that goes to the outside because this teeny room quickly heats up when the sun shines in!  With the curtain closed it casts the dreamiest glow over the entire room....
 Memories.....I'm a huge believer in printing out pictures and doing something with them! At least tape them to the wall if nothing else :) 
 I'm saving these old brushes for a secret project... :) 

 This is a peek at the spray-painted shelf!  I always feel bad for not reading more...but really I do!  It's just craft magazines, photography books, Artful Blogging, learning ideas for the girls....
 I got my first Goldens for my birthday.  I love how highly pigmented they are...but am definitely not ready to trade out my trust craft store acrylic paints for Goldens alone.  What are your thoughts?

 Sometimes the door stays closed to the craft room and then sometimes little girls and cats sneak in! 

 "Betsy, can you smile?" 
 Anna's been asking to paint in the craft room for a while, so today I let both the girls come in and help themselves to the art supplies on the shelf.  I quickly tried to explain how to use each one to them as they experimented.

They were in heaven!  

I love how beautiful this view of their canvas looks.....

I can learn so much from my girls, watching them create.  They create fearlessly, without pausing to think or wonder or worry. 

Do you have a studio or favorite place?  Someday I think it'd be fun to help others design a space just for them within their own home, using a limited budget and thrift store finds.  :)


  1. It looks fabulous, especially the newly spray painted shelves! We're still very slowly tidying up and sorting out our studio but we're getting there!


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