Fall fun

Have you been enjoying your fall?  
I read several blogs and follow some gals on IG who talk about not even having a fall.  Mind-boggling to me!  Here in the South, we definitely have fall.  I'm waiting to see if the leaves will surprise us with pops of orange and red this year or not.  So far, a golden yellow color has graced most of them.  Although I agree this time is truly golden, I'm aching to see a fiery red orange autumn tree.  
We shall see.  
I decided to teach the girls how to use the camera, my old Nikon that is.  It's in ok shape, but not great.  Good enough for an almost two year old and a three year old though.  Maybe the girls will grow up to be as passionate about photography as I am, maybe this is just a phase.  Either way, I like that they have the option.  So far they are pleased to point at something and press the shutter button.  Anna Ruth does a fairly good job keeping the camera held up and straight.  Betsy Grace is also doing well holding the camera and occasionally taking a picture!

(Anna Ruth always likes to bring me bouquets, specifically mustard yellow ones. My fave...)

We continue to go exploring away on the farm, enjoying the warm sun soaking into our bodies.  I suppose I'll need to find some sort of snow suits for the girls once it gets really cold.  Our lives definitely take place outdoors a good part of the time and when we're with Brett while he cuts firewood or taking a walk it can get quite chilly. 
We've also enjoyed many a warm, lazy morning or afternoon gathered around the dining room table lately.  I put an old toolbox out a couple of weeks ago, with pastels, colored pencils, and crayons.  It has been used over and over and over.  I love that the girls have the option of sitting down to create whenever the urge hits.  
Cat, a.k.a. "Dandelion" spends a lot of her (or his?) days inside with us.  I love this cat.  It showed up at the beginning of the summer, seemed ok, and never left.  

Twinkle lights have helped our fall evenings seem a whole lot brighter. I'm getting used to the rhythm of tucking into bed a bit earlier, or sitting with Brett to relax in the evenings.  

My little pro! The idea of letting your toddler use a nice camera might freak you out.  In fact, I'd almost guarantee it does.  If so, I recommend using a cheap digital one or even a kids' camera!  I think letting kids use a camera is a very, very good thing and why not start them early?

In previous years we've had a fall bucket list that was quite lengthy.  This year we haven't made one...I suppose life has just filled up a bit more and perhaps we've learned how to be a bit more spontaneous also, without necessarily needing a list to remind us to have some fun among the farm and house chores.
We took the girls to a local church to buy some pumpkins one weekend and boy did they ever get carried away putting the pumpkins in the wagon!  In fact, we even let them get about double the pumpkins we'd planned on buying in the first place.  It was fun though, watching the girls race around to fill up the wagon.  Later we carved one of the pumpkins at home. Betsy Grace wanted her hands completely in the seeds and "guts" and Anna Ruth didn't want anywhere near them.  Very typical for our house! :)

What have you been up to this fall?  We're not quite to fire and blanket weather yet....
just a cardigan maybe.  I suppose it's autumns way of letting us say a slow goodbye to summer..


  1. We have always loved the changing of the leaves in NW Arkansas. What sweet girls you have. Take care.


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