Butterflies and Balloons

A few things delighting the girls and I are butterflies and balloons.

(I think Anna Ruth looks like a storybook character here....just 'a skipping along)
With one simple pack of balloons and a butterfly kit ordered here we added an infinite amount of joy to our everyday routine.

The real surprise was when our caterpillars were supposed to stay caterpillars for at least another week, except they didn't.  One afternoon during snack time Anna Ruth started yelling "It's a BUTTERFLY!!" over and over.  Sure enough, she'd just witnessed a butterfly breaking free from it's cocoon (is that what it's called?!) right before her very WIDE eyes.  

We've enjoyed giving the butterflies marigolds and flowers from the yard....

and have plans to set them free......free to fly away to wherever their hearts desire.

Hmmm....seems like there's a lesson to all this that applies to more than just butterflies, no?

What is adding joy to your everyday?


  1. butterflies and balloons sound like the loveliest way to spend an afternoon - and I'll admit I'm a little envious of your sunshine; our days of short sleeves are long gone, it's wooly jumpers all the way to spring!!


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