{DIY} Fabric Pumpkins

I've been pinning these fabric pumpkins for years (literally) and have never made one. How silly is that?!  I decided this was the year for less thinking and more doing.  So I quickly whipped one of these pumpkins up one afternoon and posted it on IG.  After receiving some undeserved sweet compliments on them I thought I'd post a "tutorial".  I'm using that word very loosely here because I am so much aware how many bloggers have fancy videos for instructions like these.  But that's actually what prompted me to share my simple directions. 

Before sewing my first pumpkin I started to watch a video tutorial on another blog.  I'll admit, after about item #8 that you needed to make the pumpkin (none of which I had on hand) I was lost and unmotivated.  If I'm going to complete a craft it needs to be something I can easily whip up with items from my craft stash.  And so, my super simple (really, these even use Wal-Mart bags!) fabric pumpkins were born. :) 

To start you'll need to cut out two circle pieces of fabric and face the wrong sides together.
Then you'll thread a needle with thick, white upholstery thread.  
(I'm sure any thread would do, but for some reason this is the thread I always use for quick hand-stitching projects.  It's super strong and sturdy)
Next, begin sewing your two pieces of fabric together....
until it looks like this.
 I got the idea from a friend to stuff things (like wreaths) with Wal-Mart bags!  It's way cheaper than using stuffing from the craft store and chances are you have a bajillion plastic bags in your home.  Unless you're super earth-friendly and you use cloth and then I applaud you! 

So, stuff your pumpkin with something...I used Wal-Mart bags.
Now you want to thread your needle again with the upholstery thread and begin to sew a loose stitch, making each stitch somewhat far apart from the next, along the top opening of the pumpkin.
As you're sewing you'll want to pull the thread very tight, making the stitches all gather together, creating a small hole at the top of the pumpkin for your stem.
For the stem I cut a long, skinny piece of brown felt out and simply rolled it up.
Insert the stem into the hole at the top of your pumpkin.  Ideally, you should glue this in place so it doesn't fall out.
Then to make the lines on your pumpkin, simply wrap a long piece of yarn or string around the stem and then wrap again around the pumpkin in several places.

Last, glue some book page leaves and burlap around your stem for extra fun! 

And that's it! You're done :) 

Any questions?  I hope you'll make your own! I think these would make the cutest gift with a little handwritten note attached to the stem. 

Happy Fabric Pumpkin Making!


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