A picture's worth a thousand tears. (sorta)

In case you're thinking I'm an emotional wreck, based on the title of this post-allow me to explain. 

My favorite pictures aren't the perfectly posed ones,
nor are they the ones where everyone is smiling at the camera.

It's not the pictures with the perfectly edited skin, the "just right" colors to the grass that get me.
It's the ones that make me feel something.

I always tell Brett my favorite pictures are the ones that make me tear up. 

Whether it's because they produce a deep longing, a sweet sentiment, a merry memory....or a love I can't quite put into words-I like a picture that's worth a thousand tears.

Happy tears mostly, sometimes sad.
But feeling.

My sweet Betsy Grace captured brings pools of the biggest, happiest tears to my eyes.
She is fun and joy and my little buddy. 

The brightest ray of light to me. 

What pictures mean the world to YOU lately? I'd love to hear. 


  1. I'm with you on this one - and I think it's why my natural style is for candid photos rather than portraits - I love the photos that show personality or tell the story or just have a sentimental value to them; which is probably just as well because I'm not always the best at getting the grass to come out right! And my favourite photos - well each month I take a family shot and they've rapidly become my favourites, even though they're rarely perfect, it's just something about marking the milestones and watching for the little changes as the children grow :)


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