Canning and Cow-Checking

Well friends, we had a not-so-rosy moment with our canned tomatoes the last few weeks.  Even though we'd canned them the exact same way we did last year (with great success I might add) something went awry this year.  We began to notice "the smell"....and then saw our beautifully canned tomatoes were rotting.  Out went jar after jar of our garden-grown tomatoes.  Sigh...
As with a lot of things in life, we figured the best thing to do was to shake ourselves off and try again.  This time we called in the expert, my mom-in-law, to help!  The girls even got in on the fun.  This was one of our crazier nights in the kitchen and I admit, I liked it.  I was making dinner, while Brett and the girls canned.  Busy, bustling, and bound with love.  
My mom-in-law is so sweet and patient with the girls. 
I'm so thankful they're learning valuable things in the kitchen! 
While canning and cooking, I looked out the window to see one of the cows with its head stuck in the cozy coupe car!  Too funny!  

We've had a few glimmers of hope the last few weeks where the girls have decided to join forces and be nice and get along.  A shocker! (ok, my sarcasm is a bit high)  But really though, I often see pictures of other people's kiddos lovingly reading books to each other or being the best of friends and it is just not the typical story around here.  Until lately that is.  The girls usually make a giant happy mess when they play together but they've started making up games with each other and communicating more.  It makes my heart so, so glad.  It's real life to not be the center of attention 24 hours a day....I'm so glad they're learning how to share the spotlight and be best friends!
One of our favorite family togetherness activities is to "check the cows."  We cram in the truck together, sometimes with the radio or Johnny Cash on and I can literally just feel God squished right in there with us.

This is my heaven on earth. 
My holy ground,
my sanctuary.