Happy Birthday to US!

For my entire 30 years on earth, I've always been privileged and honored to say "Happy Birthday to US".......and share a birthday with my bestie, my twin sister! 

Today is, in fact-our 31st birthday!  
I have plans for a water balloon fight, party horns, and whatever silliness we can conjure up between her kiddos and mine. 

I also have plans for a fun giveaway HERE on the blog, with some of my favorite things for you, to celebrate!! I so wanted to have it all ready for you today....
but friends I'm just worn out.  Parenting two toddlers seventeen months apart is NO JOKE.

In an effort to lose the bags under my eyes so I can party like a rock star,
I'll see you back here next week for GIVEAWAY TIME! :)

YOU...my sweet, talented blog readers, have been one of my top favorite things about year 30.


  1. Happy Birthday to both of you, I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Enjoy your birthday and take some time for yourself if you can.


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