Art-Journaling and Apple-Picking

With the new school year starting I wanted to structure my time with the girls a bit more.  Gone are the lazy days of summer with nothing on the agenda but play.  I suppose we'll still have a few days like that, but for the most part things are just a bit more scheduled.  One day last week we gathered a basket of our new art journals, colored pencils, and pastels and ventured to the cabin on our farm.  This is where the Rosy Retreats take place and is such a nice change of scenery!

There's an apple tree in the front yard and we were so delighted to see (and taste!) that the apples were very good this year!  We picked as many as we could and knocked down a few more with a giant stick.  
Then, it was back to the drawing board.  I'm always so amazed at what the girls come up with on their this beautiful fall leaf collage that Anna Ruth came up with.  
Betsy Grace is just now starting to show her brave and venture onto the white page a bit more than she used to.  It's exciting to watch your child's mind unfold right before your eyes! 
It's really important to me that the girls see me being creative as well.  I sure tried but admit to not getting very far, artistically speaking that is.  The girls needed quite a bit of help with apples and art supplies, but at least I started this little flower!  Every bit counts.  Anna Ruth said we should have an art show...and that people from all over the world would come see our art!  

We also learned how to spell Apple. 
These pastels are perfect for us! The day I purchased them off Amazon they had an additional $1.50 off coupon I used, so that made them around $4.  What a fantastic deal! 
My hope and prayer is that confidence, creativity, boldness, and bravery all gather together around the art table with us, leaving a lasting impression on my girls. 

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! And I agree about the importance of your children seeing creativity in action, even if it isn't quite making a masterpiece every time - it just normalises the need to let that part of our personalities have free reign and hopefully inspires the little ones to find their own passion in life :)


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