Intermission: Part 2.

Do you have a "happy place" with your family?  I hope so.  I know that our type of fun isn't for everyone but it sure suits us well.  After discovering the refreshing beauty of the White River on our anniversary trip I just couldn't bear the thought of not experiencing it up close and personal.   I wasn't ready for the curtain to close on our intermission either so we decided to take the girls and the boat back to the river the next morning.
The weather typically seems like such a boring place to go for conversation, but when it's August and you're only sweating a tiny bit-let's go ahead and go there!  The weather was gorgeous and the breeze even a bit brisk while we rode on the boat.  Glorious. 

The girls do fantastic in the boat.  They each have a life jacket they wear and either squeeze up next to Brett while he drives (which is very slow-going on the river) or Betsy Grace hangs out next to me and Anna Ruth stands up at the front of the boat.  The cutest part was Betsy Grace waving at every single canoe and boat we passed.  She looked like she was a proud parade girl!  And of course, EVERYONE waved back-the old, the young, the party crowd, the families.  They all loved her little wave and grin.  How could you not? 

One of the biggest highlights of the trip was that Brett caught a trout! A rainbow trout to be exact.  Anna Ruth later exclaimed that the trout didn't look all that rainbowy to her.  I suppose she was expecting the whole nine yards when it came to the colors on the fish's back.  

Whatever the case, this fish was gorgeous.  I was so proud of Brett for catching one!  I think this was his first trout ever.  
The river was perfect for our family and girls because we could easily pull up to a shallow body of water like this one and let the girls splash, explore, throw and collect rocks.  

I collected enough heart rocks that they deserve a post all their own.

Of course Anna Ruth is just like her Daddy and Daddy's girl and decided to go "fishing" herself.
Brett captured this shot of me and as soon as I saw it I said confidently, surely-"That's me!"  

And friends, this is me.  Sure, I like to dress up and wear makeup and go places too...
but if you want to see me at my absolute happiest, my joy-tank filled and overflowing,
this is it.  

Bare face, full heart, hands free for hugging kiddos, collecting heart rocks, 
ears open to hearing God. 
Happy, happy, happy. 

After such a dreamy, adventurous day we thought surely we'd continue the fun with a trip to the local Mexican restaurant with ALL the pretty flags and all the twinkle lights. 

Let's continue the fun, right?! 
Wrong.  Never, ever wake your two sleeping babies to attempt a restaurant.  And I repeat-never!
I'm saying this all with great humor now but honestly we had the biggest meltdown ever from both girls on the way home, the whole way home, after leaving the restaurant early because it wasn't going well. 

Looking back now I realize we should have just driven home while they were both asleep.  Lesson learned, no big deal.  As I put on Instagram, our kids are figuring out this life thing just like we are.  We don't let the tiny bit of drama and tears outweigh the buckets of blessing this day was for our family. 

I'm wondering what adventures we can find ourselves in next!


  1. Such wise words. Sometimes we forget our kids are figuring out this life thing just like us. Sounds like a perfect day.

    1. Hi Patty! I don't know about wise words....because we are sometimes sooo slow to learn this kiddo thing out, lol! :) :) But we're trying!!


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