Intermission: Part 1.

The last few weeks have left me needing an intermission.  A break of sorts in-between the Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays.   Brett and I had a little getaway planned to celebrate our six-year anniversary and it came just in time.  One of our main activities for the trip was to eat, naturally.  We have become kings and queens of speed eating, with two other little mouths to watch over as well.  We headed off to Eureka Springs and ate at Ermilio's Italian Restaurant.
We started with stuffed mushrooms which did not disappoint one single bit.  They were savory and creamy and rich.   
For the main dish I had a chicken penne pasta that was just as good, or even better than the mushrooms.  It had artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes in it and was the creamiest, tastiest pasta. 
We will most definitely be back to Ermilio's again!  

The rest of our trip was easy and very enjoyable.  Eureka Springs is just the most beautiful, dreamy town.  The yards of the historic homes are gorgeous and very well-crafted.  There is always someone interesting to talk to (besides the person you came with obviously!)  We always feel like we can truly re-energize in this sweet little town.  We've been going to Eureka Springs since we were dating....
Haha-this is my relaxed face.  You probably look at it and think I'm pondering the wonders of the world....but no, probably scoping out a photo op instead.

And there it is!  I love this photo...
it just reminds me of all that made this overnight trip such a great memory.  Plenty of delicious food, some conversation, a bit of deep questions mulled over with Brett, but mostly a break...
just resting with one another, laying the daily grind aside.
We both ordered these ham and egg breakfast sandwiches from Nibbles Eatery and the taste immediately took me right back to being a girl.  My dad used to make egg and cheese sandwiches and the taste of this reminded me exactly of that.  I love it when food sidles up to a good memory. 
As we were meandering around Eureka we heard the most beautiful, passionate, kind of lonely trumpet playing.  We walked around the corner to see this.  A man with his dog lying at his feet, playing away. The music was so deep and rich it was enchanting.  This man wasn't playing for likes on Facebook, for hearts on Instagram, or even for cash-there was no container for people to throw tips in.  He was playing for the simple beauty of playing. 

A lesson there.

We always frequent our favorite coffee stop in town, The Daily Roast.  The best coffee you'll ever drink.  Onyx Coffee, a local spot here, is a close second.  Or maybe neck in neck.  But however you slice it, the coffee is good.  I ordered a frozen latte, expecting only coffee and milk, but the first sip through the straw led me to think there was something sugary in there. 

I'm proud to say it's been two months since I've purposely ordered or eaten something with sugar,
so this was a bit of a surprise to me.  I drank about 3/4 and it tasted wonderful.  :) 
Sugar, you were a nice treat, but bye-bye again for now!

Last time we came to Eureka Springs Brett delighted me by buying me this skirt.  The fabrics on it are just creative and captivating.  It's like wearing a piece of art, which you know I like. 

On the way home we decided to take a long drive, which is one of our favorite things to do.  We drove to the White River and I was captivated.  The water was so clear and clean you could see straight through to the bottom.  

I mean, this is the stuff that "the good life" is made of.  The God things.  The imagination of God right before your eyes.  
We continued our drive, past quaint cottages, cozy cabins, and more views of the brilliant sun and trees. 

We enjoyed ourselves so much we decided to return the next day with the girls and the boat. 

Intermission: Part 2, tomorrow. 
An epic day of adventure, laughing, drama, tears...
and another memory for the books.