A retreat is coming. Join me, please?

Yes, you brave friend.  I'd love to see your smiling face, meet you, laugh with you, and connect over crafts at the upcoming Rosy Retreat, hosted on my farm.  
If you've heard a thing or two about this retreat and are wondering if it's for you, or what it is exactly..let me start by telling you what it's not. 

It's not an evening for feeling alone, or less than.  It's not for just "the crafter",
or the person with a fancy camera. 

It's not for hurrying, scurrying, or checking off the to do list.  

 This is what it is for:
making new friends in a comfortable environment,
sitting down and relaxing over a plate of delicious appetizers,
strolling on the farm,
crafting several projects to take home,
listening to music, other people's thoughts, and to the stillness of the country,
using photography in a creative way to tell a story (whether you observe only, use your phone, or a "fancy" camera),
twinkle lights,
taking time to just be.

 I know how hard the job of being a woman can be. 
We're hard workers, serving others through our families and jobs.
By the time we have time to unwind and recharge, we're often so intimidated by our Pinterest crazed world and the prettiness of others on blogs that we hold ourselves to a level of perfectionism and judgement that can never be satisfied.  And our hearts and fingers and minds are left aching for something to create, some way to fill back up.
 Rosy Retreats are all about filling back up. 
About women laying perfectionism aside,
to instead pick up a project to craft and enjoy.

Rosy Retreats are for discovering that you and me,
we're not so different after all. 
We're both brave, brilliant, and beautiful. 
Join me? 
Here are the main details!

The first retreat is Friday, September 12th on my farm, located 15-20 minutes from both Fayetteville and Springdale.  To sign up you just have to email me (address above!) and I'll invoice you via Paypal.

We'll be making at least 3 crafts,
eating appetizers,
doing a photography activity,
and making new friends.

You'll end the night by leaving with some handmade goodies from me! 
You can sign up with a friend,
but can sign just yourself up too! I promise you'll leave with plenty of new friends. :)

Questions or comments? Please ask!