Random phone pics: MY fave.

 Friends, I am ALL in favor of taking pictures.  Not to the extent that your family thinks your hand has a phone or camera permanently attached....but to the extent where you have a trail of photos and memories leading you to now.  An easy look back, a peek into the past.  We so easily complain (ok, I do at least), and record life's wrongs and travesties as if our very life depended on it.  And the blessings and good life moments and memories.....we let float away, as precariously as a balloon drifting off into the sky.  

If I'm not preaching to the choir here, I'm at least preaching to myself.  So this is why I take pictures.   I adore Instagram (find me at sunshinebysara)  but have so many extra little gems tucked safe and sound on my phone and I decided it was time to get them "off my device and into my life", borrowing the words of Artifact Uprising.  You know I'm going to do everything but beg and plead for you to pull out your phone or camera and just capture one photo today of something happy and joyful.  :) 
 I'm stepping off my soapbox and ready to give a one sentence blurb about this collection of memories!

Stray cat found, girls in love. 
 Me, doing my thing.
 Old friendships rekindled, doing my heart all kinds of good.
 Shhh....she's finally asleep (oh wait, spoke too soon).
 Weeding does a body good.
 Dirt under the fingernails kind of gal.
 Scrub-a-dub, dub....
 the porch got a mighty scrub. 
 Real life "happy mess" when baking cookies with two toddler sweeties.
 Surprising someone with cookies=my fave.
 Me, first thing in the morning.
 Trying to attempt an anniversary pic with my sweets. 
 Bread-snatcher, caught.
 Hello God!
 Creating in nature is the best thing to do.

 Me-trying to dress in joy....loving Betsy Grace's deep, dark eyes.
 My chalk art, soon rubbed clean by Anna Ruth "helping"..her words not mine.
 New crayons are the best!
 Magazines and inspiration binders keep me INSPIRED.
 Let's be adventurers, darling.
 Heaven=heart rocks by the bagfuls, happy gals.

 Romance at the river...falling in love with the clearest water ever and spending time together as a family.
 Softest feather...
 Tired feet, ready for more adventure.
 Orders from the shop, ready to mail out.
Summer...you have been so good to us. 

Ready, set, go!
It's your turn to snap away. 


  1. Definitely preaching to the converted, I'm another huge Instagram fan, and a fan of finding the happy in the everyday 😄

  2. What a great way to encourage others to capture and revel in the little moments. Thank you for this share today!


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