God heals! (we're better)

Well friends, I have to start with a huge "thank-you" for all of your prayers ! Our family came down with the dreaded stomach bug last week and I admit-it was brutal.  Sickness for hours and hours...being passed from one family member to the next.  Luckily Brett never got it and Betsy only had it for a short while.  Anna and I got it the worst.  But, through the faithful prayers of our friends, family, and social media world, we are better!  Today we ventured out to try to get away from being laid up in bed, watching cartoons.  
 We drove about thirty minutes to a local spot where the girls could explore a bit, without getting too tired out.  You know us....dunk our feet in the water of a river, give us some rocks to throw....we're home and in heaven. 

 I wasn't real thrilled at first about this "adventure", I hadn't dressed properly and my pants were soaked and my body tired from getting Betsy Grace across the water safely.  But now that we've gone and come back home, I'm happy we did, especially having pictures like these to capture funny memories like the girls becoming in love with this teeny, tiny little frog. 

 I suppose that's a lesson I'm learning all together now-sometimes go ahead and choose to go through the motions of a good attitude even if the "feeling" isn't there...
it'll come. :) 
 Of course, God had heart rocks waiting on me to discover,
these are His loves notes to me, you know that, right? 

I hope you have a sign of a love note from God too. Some little symbol that He uses to constantly remind you how much He loves you.  For those who think I'm silly and you don't need such a thing in your life....I pray buckets of heart rocks land on your doorstep soon. :) :) 

 One of the best surprises of this trip was hearing my twin (bff for life) saying my name as we were about to leave.  They were about to begin their own adventure and it was such a surprise running into her! Of course, they were all dressed properly in swim suits and brought their own beach bag and snacks..while we were simply trying to find a dry diaper in the car....lol.  This sounds about right for the entire length of my life.  Friends, I would be even more of a MESS without my twin to help! 

I'm so thankful for Brett and glad he's such a fun dad and husband. 
He did an outstanding job taking care of us while we were sick...
helping the girls get to sleep, doing load after load of laundry,
cooking, and entertaining Anna Ruth's endless questions and Betsy Grace's constant babble. 

We're looking forward to a fun week with good health! 
I want to end with some prayer requests:

For a friend with cancer-pray healing,

for our pastor's wife-continued, FULL healing after being extremely sick for several months,

for a friend taking a leap of faith and making a major move into an rv,

for my new nephew Lincoln (he's perfect from what I hear and see, just prayers he'll continue to be a growing boy!),

and for you...
I pray that you know more than ever how much God loves you and wants to help you. 
We are His chosen people. Every. Single. One of us! 


  1. Sara, I'm so glad y'all are on the mend! I was praying for you :)

    Yes, my love note from God is a red bird. Many times I'll be walking outside and just praying and one will fly right across my line of vision or land not too far from where I am.

    Heart rocks are cool too :)

    1. Thank-you for the prayers, sweet Debbie!

      Oh, I love your love note from God! In fact, I noticed a random cardinal on our back deck just today... :) Made me think of you!

  2. I am so happy you are feeling better. Stomach bugs are the absolute worst!

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better - its rough being poorly and still having to be Mama - and yay for buckets of heart rocks!

    1. Thank-you so much!! Being mama to two and being sick this time was a bit different than what I was used to-and that's even with my husband helping a ton!

      I love visiting your blog-such a lovely place with lovely words. I like to read your writing. Have you had your baby yet?


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