Back deck date night!

Brett and I are still continuing our weekly date night, usually at home on the back deck.  Things have sped up this summer, as far as outdoor chores go.  There's the garden to tend and brush-hogging to do and mowing...always yard mowing.  So with all that piled on our chore plate we've let date night happen but just not as gracefully or beautifully.  Last week I decided to change that!  I was waiting for Brett to drop off some lumber before our date night began and knew I only had about 10 minutes to set the table pretty.  It sounded like plenty of time to me! 

I started by laying down my favorite vintage sheet, to use as a tablecloth.  Next I gathered some empty bottles for flowers, tea light candles, and a few beautiful candle holders.  Done.  

We enjoyed sitting on the back deck together, this time with a bit more style.  Lucky for me, Brett never minds when I go a bit "girly" with the decor.  He enjoyed the change of scenery as well!  We both had fun talking and just being with each other...and using the camera too!  It was fun to pass the camera back and forth between us to capture the candle's glow. 

I look forward to sharing many a date night with Brett! 
How do you date?  


  1. Oh it looks lovely - sounds like the perfect quick decorating!

  2. We've missed our date night two weeks' running because I was away and then because Andrew was working! And now he's been away camping with the kids for 3 days. I can't wait for Friday to have a proper catch up and actually talk to my husband face to face lol!!

    Beautiful pictures as always Sara! I've been too busy to read blogs recently, but I always so enjoy your photos on instagram!


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