Finding my style: Shop Updates!

 Boy, this painting adventure sure is FUN!  And challenging too....which is good for my brain.  I'm learning to take in just the right amount of knowledge from books and other artists, without trying to cram too much in.  When I open the floodgates of new art supplies, new books, and Youtube videos galore my passion, ideas, and paintings come to a screeching halt.  I just get mighty intimidated.  
 But when I take a few tips, advice, and lessons and tuck them waaaay back in my brain and then let my fingers feel out what my heart tells me to do....
I'm happy with how my style is evolving.  

This original art piece above is one of my top two favorites, ever.  It's not even listed for sale because I just simply cannot part with it.  I love having it displayed on our piano top.  It reminds me of the carefree way I first started painting, when I wasn't worried at all about Etsy sales. You can find an art print of this original here!
I've been really excited to embrace all that is fall as well.  I suppose September is maybe the stepping stone into the true fall and autumn season, but the words "Sweet September" keep ringing in my ears.  I have a whole slew of paintings in mind I'd love to bring to life, to sweetly usher fall and autumn in.  I tried my best to go with dark colors for a more serious, "fall-ish" theme for these leaves and see who won. 

Color and happy-1
Dark colors-0
 I like to look back at my shop and my paintings to see which ones consistently catch my eye and feel like "me".  Well, the answer to that is they all do or they wouldn't be listed! I've even removed a few listings over the past couple of months of having an Etsy shop open if a painting didn't seem like my true Rosy Life style on second glance.  These paintings, however, are a few of my most favorites.

You can find all of my 8 x 10 art prints in the shop,
as well as painted bunting (bigger versions coming soon!),
and painted notebooks. 

I even take custom orders! 

You can find the shop here!


  1. Just found you over at Danielle's. So happy I did. I didn't even take the time to read the whole post~ I was just so excited that I'd found a kindred spirit. LOVE your multimedia by the way!

  2. Love seeing your work framed! I feel similar to you, I love absorbing new knowledge, but if I do it too much, or if I bring it too close to my art then I get demotivated (as in, if I'm reading a book or watching a video IN my art room and trying to follow it it doesn't work for me, but if I watch a video while on my lunch break, and let it settle in and then get to my art desk in the evening... that works much better!)


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