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 Happy Monday friends!  Today I am so thrilled to be participating in my first EVER blog hop!  

Are you thinking "Huh?  What is a blog hop?"  Well, I was too when my sweet friend Iris asked me if I wanted to participate in her blog hop.  I quickly discovered that a blog hop is a great way to not only connect with other artists, but allow me to introduce you to some of my artist friends as well!   You can click over to Iris's blog to read her responses to the creative questions we'll be answering.  
 Let's jump right in to the good stuff, shall we?!  

1.)  How does my creative process work? 
Very naturally!  I can honestly say from the moment I wake up in the morning 'till I fall fast mind is racing with creative thoughts, whether this be ideas for styling photos for the blog, decorating my home, or creating a mixed-media painting.  As far as my painting goes, I have a notebook I keep filled to the brim with sketches, magazine clippings, color schemes, and inspirational quotes.  This is what often inspires my paintings.  Other times I might be intrigued by a photo I took and decide to build a piece of art around that. 

Once my mind focuses on a particular idea for a new art piece I just have to get started and see the idea to completion, whether that takes me a day or a week.  Or even weeks.  I typically paint during nap time or sometimes in the evenings.  I love to have a smoothie or coffee while I paint, but often forget to drink it!  Music is a must.  My current favorite thing to listen to while I paint is Sleeping at Last.

I admit, I do often get frustrated during the creative process because I can picture in my mind how I want my piece to look but sometimes get "stuck" trying to make it happen in real life.  This is something I'm working on pushing through and forging ahead. 

2.) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
It's rosy!  I wondered this same question at first, wondering how I would "find" my style.  Then as I started to paint what I liked, without peeking around and comparing it to other people's art too much I began to see similarities between my paintings.  I definitely don't like my paintings to look too neat and tidy.  In fact, some days I'll think I'm finished with a painting but will think that it looks too neat, too planned, too structured.  That's when I'll blur the lines of the painting some, or add doodles and scribbles.  So I would like to think my style is different because it's mega colorful and "free", meaning your eye roams the painting a lot of times to take it all in. 

 3.) What am I working on now? 
Eeeek!! So many, many things!  On my mental list are painted paper banners, painted Steno notebooks, more note cards, gift tags, and to create more original paintings.  I'd also like to be prepared for the holiday season!   One of the biggest desires of my heart right now, in addition to creating, is to continue  adding to my knowledge base!  In my free time I like to watch other artists on Youtube and learn how to broaden my techniques!

 4.) Why do you do what you do? 
Because I just love it!  I started painting back in the early spring and instantly fell in love.  Like head over heels, where has this art form been all my life, in love.  Painting relaxes me and challenges me in ways other things don't.   I just love it.  Even sitting here trying to think of a "better" answer than that is impossible because painting makes me come alive.  Fully, deeply, madly, alive.
Now it's my turn to pass on the blog love! 

Next Monday, August 4th, you can check out my friends' blogs below to read their answers to these artful questions!
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  1. Yay! I'm so excited you said yes to participating in the blog hop Sara!!

    I love your work recently, it is just so FREE and colourful. I absolutely LOVE the 'be present' piece. Did you cross stitch the words? The message, colours and shapes just really speak to me.

    1. Thank-you for inviting me Iris! I hope I did all-right...I was terribly afraid I wouldn't do a good enough job for you!

      Thank-you for the compliment on the Be Present piece! I wish I could say I cross-stitched the words..but they're actually rubber stamps! This was one of my favorite pieces to create...

  2. Love your colourful art and amazingly beautiful photography on your blog. It is such a happy site. Being greeted by such lovely colours here makes my heart sing. I love your paintings that have been created so freely. It makes my eyes want to dance over your creations. And whilst enjoying the dance there are signposts everywhere on the way with beautiful quotes that remind us how precious life is and that we should enjoy every moment of it.

    1. Wow! Thank-you so much for your sweet, thoughtful words. You've brought happy tears to my eyes.


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