How does your garden grow?

This year the garden has meant more to me than ever.  I can still squeeze my eyes shut tight and remember when Anna Ruth was a baby, Betsy Grace was a tiny baby, and the only thing even halfway resembling a "garden" was a big dirt patch in the backyard.  Brett had a vision for a garden and I gladly went along. 
The first year we gardened I did most of the playing with the babies, making sure no one got injured around the tractor.  So my garden experience was fun, but seen and felt from afar.  

This year I purposed to be a more active part of the garden. I had a hunch I just might really love it and knew that the girls would be old enough to start learning how to pitch in and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Little by little I began helping however I could, with the watering, weeding, and picking.  

I was right-I loved the garden and everything about it.  The smell relaxed me and made me smile.  The hard work of weeding kept my muscles lean and strong (and sore).  The taste of the food kept me coming back for more and my body in great shape.  I was hooked.  

I was also right about the girls being able to pitch in.  Without even being asked I'll often see Anna Ruth maneuver her way through the rows of tomatoes, gathering the bright red ones, just like her Daddy taught her.  
Betsy Grace enjoys helping pull weeds and digging in the dirt. They are both just enthralled with playing and working in the garden.  It's as if we enter a whole 'nother world when we're all four together, getting our hands dirty and minds uncluttered.

Recently we had a weekend where we actually had no plans (can I get a hallelujah?) so we decided to can the produce from the garden together.  I wanted to girls to be able to witness the process of a cucumber going from picked to pickle so we all jumped in the kitchen together.   The girls helped wash the cucumbers off and Brett explained step-by-step how he canned them into pickles. 

Afterwards we all piled in the farm truck together to go check on the cows.  It was fantastic and one of my most relaxed days ever.

 I suppose some people go to the beach or the lake to relax.  Some eat, some watch t.v. 

We do most of things too, but our truest relaxing and richest living happens in the garden. 
Together, just the four of us. 

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  1. Wow that's quite a crop! I keep trying to get into our little garden but my biggest and possibly only success is the herb garden. I did once get a bit of a glut of purple sprouting broccoli though so I might have to try growing it again!

  2. What an abundance of lovely food!! And I think that is such a wonderful way of spending time together as a family.


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