Happy THIRD Birthday to Anna Ruth!

This post feels like one I just need, or want, to get exactly right for my exact kind of gal. 
I even typed the title over and over, changing it up each time.

How do you write a title or blog post that's big enough to encompass all of my Anna Ruth?!
Our firstborn.  She changed our world, this one.  

(for the record I'm sitting here with big 'ol happy tears pooled in my eyes, trying to write an adequate sentence to describe all that Anna Ruth means to me....)

I just can't think of words enough to properly sum up my love for this sweetie.  She's smart and clever and can negotiate her way in or out of just about anything.  She's a rule follower and likes to have a napkin or towel at the table at all times to ensure she doesn't get messy.  

She loves Thomas the Train and Tinkerdell (Tinkerbell),
she doesn't say her B's, but says "D's" instead,
she talks and carries on full conversations as if she were 6. Or 7.  
She's VERY into ballerinas and her favorite foods are pickles, Chick-fil-a, salmon patties, fruit, balsamic vinegar on salad, and chickpeas.  She's learning to use the potty, loves to read and learn and has already asked me more questions than I have the knowledge to answer.
She's serious and silly,
has a GREAT imagination,
doesn't like to be friendly to large groups of people typically.

She is her Daddy's girl,
and cuddles when she gets sleepy. 
Her birthday wish list was:
Thomas the train toys (specifically Percy and James),
a care bear,
a scooter,
and Andies mints.

Anna Ruth keeps me laughing and learning and challenged as a parent.  Every morning I can't wait for the minute she wakes up.  She is both a constant surprise yet very predictable in the way she likes things consistent.  I love that about her.

I don't think it's possible I could love her more or be more excited about her THIRD birthday.  
I love, love, love, love you Anna Ruth Torbett.