Father's Day....crafty style.

 I love, love seeing all of the Father's Day pictures, posts, and thank-you's today. 
Dad's are awesome.  
In my circles of life it seems they get put down so often for silly things like not following the same routine us "moms" do, or not getting quite as much accomplished as we would in a day.  That is such disheartening thinking.  Because here's what I see at my house--
a dad who has worked hard all. day. long and then plays hard all. night. long with our two sweet gals until bedtime.  A dad who chases and tickles and teaches and soothes....a dad who is strong and tough and manly yet also gentle and sweet and compassionate.  A dad whose arrival home is looked forward to all day!  A dad who puts his daughters first and who willingly lets me enjoy having a bit of a break....and does a fantastic, wonderful, GREAT job at home with the girls by himself.   

I watched and learned from the best growing up-my own dad.  
 I am a twin and have an older sister as well.  Suffice it to say my parents had a bundle of responsibility when we were young.  Yet I have distinct memories of Daddy coming home from work and placing us as his top priority.  As a parent myself now, I look back and just know he had to have been tired.  But it didn't show.  My expectations were pretty high when it came to a husband and then a dad for our family.  I'm so blessed beyond words at my Daddy and Brett...getting to have these two fantastic men in my life and having our girls surrounded by such greatness.  It's not something I take lightly.  

Let's hear it for the Dads! Let's agree to honor them day in and day out....
different routines and all.  We have a world of dads making a world of a difference...
 I made this little craft for my own Daddy for Father's Day.  It is a slide holder...like for an old-fashioned projector.  I printed teeny tiny photos and glued them to old book pages to slip into some of the slots.  I also typed up some words on my vintage typewriter that reminded me of my dad and added those onto some book pages as well.  
I'm hoping my Daddy will flip through these words and pictures often and be reminded of how much he means to me...

and my prayer is to continue honoring Brett for his constant attention to our family.  

Happy Father's Day!


  1. What cuteness! That's a great idea! And what a fun find your typewriter has been! You are so right about the attitudes about dads/men these days. :( Excellent words you shared!


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