Bridal Portraits on the Farm...

In another life I'd possibly be a lifestyle photographer.  In my real life, I'm a self-taught gal who loves photography and setting up little vignettes to photograph.  So when my very best friend (who also happens to be my twin sister) asked me to take her picture in her wedding gown for an anniversary gift I jumped at the chance to do so!  

This kind of thing is just my kind of treat-so much fun for me. 

 We took these at the cabin on the farm where we spent the night and had a little retreat the night before.  The amazing thing is (well, one of them at least) is that my sis is a mom to three kids.  And she still fits beautifully into her dress! 

 My twin is smart, kind, organized, a teacher (she homeschools), and the most giving person I know.  I have so much to learn from her for the rest of our lives! 

 I remember when she met her husband-to-be in college.  I think they had started "talking" but maybe weren't officially dating yet.  She pointed him out to me at a football game and we tried to play it VERY cool so he wouldn't see me staring at him.  I remember squealing "He's cute!" and being so excited for my sis.  Her husband is very funny, very smart, and a perfect match for my sis. 

 I have to say the farm makes it so, so easy for me to get a good shot. 
I mean, all those wildflowers?! Heaven.

This photo shoot has inspired me! 
It definitely helped me remember how much I truly love love,
and love photography. 

Happy anniversary to my sis! You and your hubby are heaven-sent. 


  1. Oh my word! This is fantastic!!!! Simply beautiful and stunning!!!! Beautiful pictures and Jana, you look so pretty! :)

  2. Wonderful pictures! Such a beautiful setting and your sister is beautiful too.

  3. Thank each of you so very much for your kind compliments.


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