If we're being honest..... (oh yeah, and I opened the shop already!)

If we're being honest I am thoroughly exhausted today.  Betsy Grace is teething majorally and has been up all hours of the night.  My inner Pollyanna is like the Energizer Bunny though and just keeps going and going and going.....so even though my tiredness brought me to tears earlier here came Pollyanna, reminding me how sweet the cuddles are with Betsy Grace and how well I can handle two toddlers on very little sleep.  Mighty well I'd say. Minus the tears from earlier.  I was attempting to do a simple task-water the garden. I had two helpers and the dog.  Enough said. :)  
 I usually try not to post about being tired or weary or anything negative.  Or at least sound ultra happy writing it.  People are quick to jump on the band wagon of "You should count your blessings" and I give you my word, they've been counted indeed today.  I know just what will perk me up though. In fact, it already did.  Things like these favorite pictures on my Iphone I've been saving, a trip to see my new nephew this afternoon, and an adventure to the creek with my girls earlier this morning! 

Something else I'm doing to promote complete health (physically, mentally, emotionally) is eating much, much better.  I was having some crummy health issues (think sluggish) and decided it was time to get back on my own bandwagon I'd jumped off of.  The clean eating (for the most part) wagon.  I'll blog more about this later.  But, I'm on Day 4 of no extra sugar... meaning no ice cream, pie, cookies, or peanut m and m's.  And I feel great. I've even started running again. 
 Getting outside always connects my soul to God immediately.  One night I was mowing the lawn (since I've designated myself the lawn girl this summer) and saw this beautiful sight.  
 The girls and I are trying to fully embrace all that is summer-
watermelon popsicles,
homemade lemonade. I'm already looking forward to celebrating Anna Ruth's THIRD birthday, hopefully another Branson trip, the 4th of July parade, and the rodeo. YEE-haw.

 Wildflowers galore on the farm.....
the hay blowing in patterns across the pasture, sounding like the ocean...these make my heart go pitter-patter. 
There are thistles to admire, even though Brett hates them.  Our photographer and stylist friends from California told us people sell thistles for a hefty price there.  And here?  They're actually a total nuisance. Isn't that funny?!

Oh little creek, how we love you so. 
The loggers tried to dam you up
but your water continues to flow. 
We leave our agenda at your side,
we breathe a lot deeper when you're near. 

Last but certainly not least,
THIS happened today. 
I opened my shop a bit early. 
It's full of 8 x 10 art prints with a message-To treasure the rosy in the routine.

Now go wake up your inner Pollyanna and have a great day! :) 


  1. YAY for opening your shop!! Well done. It looks great.

    Your posts always make me happy. Don't worry about sharing the negative stuff too though, if you want. It's all part of life (those who try and tell you to count your blessings are probably hurting too much themselves to be able to listen and embrace the negative) and sometimes it's nice to receive some empathy or understanding. xx

    1. Thank-you for your kindness Iris. I have read your comment several times and each time it makes me feel so much better, having a gentle reminder that sometimes it is ok and good even to embrace the negative in life too.



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