One-liners. Anna Ruth style.

I got asked that question today....."What did you do this week?",
and as I tried to stutter around and come up with an answer it sounded really lame.

I said something like "go to the grocery store".  Which we did! It's an almost all day affair it seems.  We have friends at the grocery store though, so it's a treat and a connection for me while we're there.
What we have been doing this summer is a bit of school-type learning, tucked into our days here and there.  A lot of art, playing outside, farm drives, potty-training (oh my word), trips to the creek, and visits to my Grandma and Papaw's house (my fave).  And repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 
Anna Ruth turns THREE in just a few short days.  She cracks me up.  She is the most clever, funny little gal and doesn't even know it half the time.  That's part of the charm.  I've been typing little notes on my phone or in a notebook of all the adorable things she says.

So, without further ado, I present to you-Anna:

"When I grow up I'm going to be a mom."

"This applesauce tastes better than other kinds."

"The spoon is the fork's momma!"

"When I grow up I'm going to be a grown-up."

"This cost $40 and it's only for Detsy and I."
"You should play your tar at Farmer's Market!" (telling Brett he should play his guitar there!)

"I wish you were a baby so you could get in the crib with me." (yes, she's still in a crib...must tackle potty-training first, big girl bed later.  No raining on our parade)

"What about un-thank you?" (when told to say Thank-You)

"Jiggles come out when this song comes on!"

to me...."I'm tired of all that singing from you." (LOL, lol, lol)

"I need a sewer for my totty."

and two favorite stories....

One day she's supposed to be having nap/rest time.  Instead she's hollering about needing to use the potty, so I let her up.  I sat her on the kids' potty next to the bed, so I could lay down. I was looking at my phone (which I rarely do when they're awake) and Anna Ruth tells me she wants to send a message.  I responded that she didn't need to, but I got to because I was a grown-up. 

She then (very cleverly) spit my wonderful encouragement right back out at me and said "But I can be anything I want to be", lol.  

And secondly, at the creek one day she made up her own learning games....
"Let's do some learning!  Let's see what sinks or floats!  Let's see what makes the loudest sound."

We can't forget this sweetie!!

She is learning to say two words together, 
like "HI Daddy",
"NO Bouncy".

She also says George, moo, (and all the animal sounds), Nanna, cheese, drink, shoe, diaper, 
and will spin around on command.

And that is all this tired mama can remember.  :)  

My, my these two gals are a whirlwind that I'm happy to be swept up in.
Sharing on my art blog today,
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  1. I LOVE what kids come out with!!! So funny. I especially love that she's going to be a grown up when she's grown up lol.

    We just put Jupiter in a toddler bed (he was also still in his cot - his brother is in it now) and the transition was fine (two nights where he was so super excited that he kept coming out downstairs, but then the novelty wore off). I think he's about 2 months older than Anna-Ruth.

    1. Hi Iris! I liked reading when you put Jupiter in a bigger bed.....whew, maybe we're not so late with Anna Ruth after all! :) I keep telling her a big girl bed is next in order after she conquers the potty training, lol.


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