Life with a one and two-year old.  Soon I won't be able to say that anymore because Anna Ruth is so close to turning three! Last spring Betsy Grace would sit in her baby chair and be somewhat stationary.  Not so anymore as you can see above! I wake up in the mornings and it's Ready, Set, GO! And no stopping until you reach the finish line of bedtime. 

And isn't this a good reason to "race" all day long?  
I mean seriously.  I know I talk often about the harder parts of being a stay at home mama.  It IS a tough job.  But I love my girls with all my heart.  They're neither one mellow or laid back.  They're full of spunk and personality and independence.  They're sweet and smart and have strong ideas of their own.  Naturally. 
I told Brett the other day that if he needed me in the next ten years I'd be working Doc McStuffins puzzles and he'd know where to find me.  Anna Ruth is ALL about working a puzzle.  Like working it, breaking it up into pieces, and starting over.  She can work the 24 piece puzzles by herself after a few times with help.  SO not my strength at all but I jump in with both feet (and excitement) to help her. Long live the puzzle! 
And then there's this. 
Miss Betsy Grace.  She seems to take the world by storm as if she's constantly thinking "Why just sample the world when you can taste and feel it all over?!"  Her love language is her hair.  If she rubs something into her hair, it's a keeper.  She seeks out ways on purpose to make a mess but typically in her eyes it's not a mess.  She's having fun and learning.  I can understand.  She is never, ever still. Ever. (which means I'm not either!)

One of the many reasons I like taking pictures so much are these. 
Isn't this magical?  Two little sweeties innocently playing in the hanging basket drips.  At least that's the way I'll remember it when I see these pictures 5 years down the road.  The truth is we were having a very, very hard day this day.  Like one of our worst.  I was trying to hurry and water the flowers and the girls played in the water and it was adorable.  And then they complained about being cold because they were wet.  But I took the picture beforehand anyway and I'm so glad I did.  They're figuring out this childhood thing just as much as I'm figuring out this motherhood thing.  We're in this together, for each other.

We can't forget our puppy girl either!  I am so proud of Bouncy for finally learning to not bite the other girls' ankles when we go outside.  She is catching on and learning how to play near them without hurting them or getting scolded.  She is the sweetest puppy and has my heart in the biggest way already.  I like to hold her close and pet her. She stays kenneled at night and we let her out during the day.  She stays in our yard really well and travels on the farm well with us also!  We even took her out on the lake one day.

My girls, 
this mother's day weekend I'm just beside myself with excitement and happiness and WONDER that I get to be your mama.  You take this world by STORM and I'm so glad I get to be the one chasing the storm.  You are the most adventurous, smart girls.  You love the farm life and being fancy too.  With you, life is never, ever boring.  You are and will always be my most important work in life.  Ever.  My greatest joy, my biggest well of laughter, my strongest love. 

Thank-you for making me a mama.


  1. So sweet! I miss the days when they were so little! Yes, they are hard work, especially when they are the same age/close together (I have boy/girl twins) but they are amazing little teachers as they explore their world with such a fierce energy, unwavering awe and boundless enthusiasm! Happy Mother's day!

  2. I'm so proud of these girls. Words don't describe... They are their mother's masterpiece. Diaper changes, wiped noses, cleaned hands (from God knows what), fixed meals, and the constant intervention on their little behalf. I love their mama. Happy Mother's Day!



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