Lake Adventure

What wonderful memories this sight brings back to me! 
Did you know I was proposed to on the lake? 
Beaver Lake, to be exact.  Which is now about 4 minutes from the house!  How lucky I feel. 
"We" (our entire extended family) have a little bass boat that Brett and I used to go out in all the time when we were dating.  Our lake adventures then looked a little...ok a LOT, different than now. I'd pack snacks, diet coke, a big stack of magazines and books, and a fishing pole.  We'd stay out all day even, if we wanted to. 
Our cargo is a lot more precious these days and the adventures a lot less relaxing. 

But what they lack in relaxation they make up for in adventure and fun. 

One Sunday afternoon we decided to take the boat out.  It always seems that the spring and summer get so busy and the boat only gets taken out a time or two.  I'm determined this will not be the situation this year because it's just too fabulous to not enjoy.  There's just something about the lake that speaks to me.  I'm not sure I can even quite put my finger on it.  I breathe a little deeper there, I feel more free.  

As we were walking down the ramp to get into the boat Brett quietly mentioned that a guy at the end had asked him if we'd take his son for a quick boat ride....and that his son hadn't ever been on a boat before.  I admit, I was a bit hesitant at first.  But we got settled in ok and the boy was just the sweetest looking, most polite middle-school boy you'd ever seen.  So we quickly said yes, we'd take him for a spin.  Off we went.  I made conversation with him (his name was Cody) and he held on so tight to the boat seat the whole time his knuckles turned white.  But he was grinning the whole time too.  He told me this was his first boat ride ever.  Once again, I heard God whisper "People matter, people matter, people matter".  

Yes God, people do.  Giving Cody a ride made my day.  
We also took Bouncy girl on the boat too!! So imagine Brett and I, the two girls, AND Bouncy.  No wonder a lot of people waved to us that day! 
What's a boat trip without snacks?!
Both the girls wore their life jackets well, let me put sunscreen on them twice, and did SO well on the boat!  Bouncy jumped overboard once but I scooped her up as fast as I could.  Silly girl.  

I look forward to many lake adventures this summer...

are you a lake person?!