Monday. Fun-day.

Hello Monday,
we meet again. 
So soon though? 
Sigh. I suppose so.  Mondays are always like a huge enormous pitcher of cold water being poured on my face.  A big leap back into the swing of things.  I have so much I want to share with you all this week!  Let's have a virtual cup of coffee, shall we? And make sure to add a bit of creamer too, preferably soy vanilla milk, my fave.
I'm excited to show you a few new art pieces I recently completed! I've been challenging myself to use different color schemes than normal and what fun that's been.  The top piece was inspired by the text, which I found in an old book.  I thought it created the loveliest vision of how beautiful life is, even in all its brokenness.  I had major fun with this piece and was excited to use a new stencil on the background, which is actually a silpat potholder I found at the grocery store!  It made the most awesome stamp.
 This piece is all about community and happy mail and being real enough to invite people into your real life, day to day living.  I was picturing some sweet friends of mine and had just received a thoughtful note from a friend in the mail when the inspiration for this piece struck.

Both of these are large canvases and I will be selling prints of them in my art shop, when it opens soon! 
My sweetie....she is so, so proud when I show her how to use the art supplies in my craft room.  She always likes her paint shirt on and likes to paint on cardboard, canvas, and paper.  It's the most fun to have curious little conversations with her while she paints.  

*Am I boring you with the art shop details or leaving you hanging? I never know.  You are the sweetest readers and I do appreciate every single comment, message, or text.  I read every single one and write a response, even if just in my head.  I apologize for lack of responding to your sweet comments lately. 

Here's where I'm at right now, with all of busy life swirling around. 

My "to do" list for this art dream of mine is quite long.  Saying you're going to open an online art shop is kind of like saying you're going to build a house.  It's exciting but requires a lot of steps to complete, if done well.  And I am determined to do everything in my power to DO THIS WELL.  

So, this list includes...
1.) Make a website for my art.  I want to have a place (probably another blog but will look more like a gallery) that is just for my art.  I won't necessarily write a lot there, but it will house updates from my studio and shop, and pictures of my work.

2.) Open a new Etsy shop, under the name The Rosy Life.

3.) Design and order business cards.

4.) Photograph my art.

5.) Order a printer and mailing supplies.

6.) Fill up Etsy shop with listings!

Advertise some.....and then the shop will be open! 

I'm also learning how to use Lightroom for photo editing and signed up for a new mixed media class online that I'm doing here and there because as I continue to be an artist I want to also continue being a STUDENT of art.  I don't want to be a one-hit wonder! :) 

If you're wondering when all this extra stuff is happening (because I have a husband, two sweet gals, a farm, a LIFE, and a puppy!) it is before they wake up, during nap, and in the evenings.  I am pretty strict about no computer time while the girls are awake and I don't spend the evenings apart from Brett. If I go into the craft room at night it's for an hour or so and then we hang out.  If I were to be the greatest, most accomplished artist EVER but lost my friends and family in the process....
I'd be heartbroken.  It's all about balance to me.  As much as I love art, I love my people more.  

With that said, I have learned to be very, very disciplined and efficient with my time.  I create more now (with two young kids) than I ever even thought about doing with no kids.  So friends, if you have a dream that is God-spoken, you can do it.  I believe that with all my heart. 

I will be cutting back on this blog some, maybe blogging 3 or 4 days a week instead of six.  I hope you'll stick around. :)

What are you up to, in your neck of the woods?
Please share! I'd love to hear!

I look forward to sharing a few "field trip" adventures later this week we embarked on over the weekend!  See ya then!