Love is War Mixed Media Canvas

Ever since I made my last She Art mixed media canvas I've been excited to paint another one.  Pretty much as soon as the last drips of paint were cleaned off the brushes and counter my mind was thinking about what to paint next.  

The lyrics from Love is War by American Young immediately came to mind. 
"Sometimes love is a white flag. 
Sometimes love is standing tall.
Sometimes love is a feather....
baby it's worth fighting for"

I pulled out a thrifted canvas Friday evening (after date night, but of course) and went to work. The funny thing is I tried really, really hard to use tans and muted colors in the background and I kept looking at the canvas thinking that I didn't like it and that it just wasn't me.  As soon as I swiped some red paint in the feather I could feel myself  start to grow excited and knew I was on the right track.  

And so after lots of creating, this was born. 
The hands photo is a top, all-time favorite. Ever.  They're the sweet hands of my relative.

This artful journey of mine has been an interesting one lately. 
As I'm wading through my own inspirations, and as many different schools of thoughts as colors on my canvas, I'm realizing a few things about myself and my art beliefs.
Like that art is for all, not just for the gals who have the time and money for retreats and buckets of new supplies. 

That Jesus meets me in my art.  He's right there waiting.  It's not a separate activity or hobby I do without Him. 

that I love, love, love color.  The messier and more colorful a canvas, the better.  Stick some meaningful words on a canvas, and I'm in, head over heels. 

I'll be sharing my thoughts soon on how you too can make art, whether it be in an art journal or on a canvas, using a lot of the ordinary household items you already have.  
Did you catch that?!  All the neat craft products are great too, but there is more to create with already around us, on hand and in our world, that we ever stopped to realize.  

{Do you like the world of mixed media? Have you ever painted a mixed media canvas?}