I sure do love the weekends.  This one whizzed right by.  I've been very intentional the last few weeks to get caught up on chores and house stuff before Friday rolls around.  And then I get to act like I am having a weekend "off" too.  Well, sorta.  You know what I mean. 

Friday date night consisted of Triscuits and goat cheese and art afterwards.  I created another mixed media canvas in my craft room.  It is my most exciting way to spend my free time right now.  There's certainly a process to it, but it's also messy and creative and I don't feel like there's really a "right" way to do it and I love that.  I'm planning a few more to make this week, just for fun.  I've taken the one online art class I've mentioned several times before and am using that knowledge to come up with my own ideas for other types of canvases.  
 I wonder if other people would like me teaching them to make a canvas like this,
or would it ruin the joy I have for this process if they didn't like it?
A thought to ponder.
 We certainly adventured, beyond the walls of the craft room this weekend.  We celebrated the upcoming arrival of my newest nephew, who will arrive sometime in May.  It was a wonderful afternoon spent with family, celebrating with my brother and sister in law.  To say we're "excited" about their baby doesn't quite do the sweet boy justice.  
 Afterwards we went to our local nursery that has the BEST plants and flowers.  It's a dream to even walk through the place.  I wanted to sketch, paint, take photos, and stay in that nursery all day! 

Each girl got to ride in their own cart.  We attracted the attention of several customers and employees and even made friends with a new couple while we were there.  We ended up figuring out they knew Brett's dad before he passed away.  They doted on our girls and just said how pretty they are.  It's nice to hear these sweet comments instead of getting the "Are you crazy?!" look across the store.

 I mean, really. 
Two cuties, flowers and beauty galore.  
THIS was a very, very good afternoon.  I loved talking with Brett about plans for our yard and sharing in the excitement of the colors of the flowers with the girls.  They love Westwood Gardens and are already asking to go back.  They *may* have had to tell us to leave because we were visiting so long with our new friends we didn't know the store had closed.  Friendliness matters.

 When we got home I asked Brett if he'd take me on the ranger with the gals so I could photograph my new art by the barn.  He obliged sweetly, of course and even let me have a few minutes (ok, I kinda begged) to wander around by myself.
 I was standing by the barn wondering what to take a picture of next.  I knew I needed to be quick.  I like to challenge myself and try to find an interesting detail or angle in a situation where most everyone else wouldn't see anything at all at first glance.  I looked up and much to my amazement, saw this awesome spider web.  I actually gasped with happiness.  It's just perfect.  It's the perfect image for the saying "beauty in brokenness." 

 This is our farm!  

 Some of these photos Brett took.  One of my favorite things is to see what his eye is drawn to because it's so opposite of mine.  He never thinks his pictures are that great or interesting but I love them.  I love the story they tell and seeing his unique perspective.  Someday I think it would be neat for each of us to photograph what a word or concept looks like to "grace" and see what we each come up with.

We bought a happy collection of plants and flowers to pretty up our porch!  We have big plans for our yard this year, if spring will ever go ahead and decide to stay.

This weekend wasn't all rosy.  Our cat was run over and I admit, I am quite sad about it today.  I'm used to him napping on the back deck while the girls do.  Sigh..
We're thinking we may get a dog.  

This week I'm looking forward to seeing my sister's new house (and my sis and nieces and nephews obviously!),
adventuring in paint (possibly trying to paint some fabric for pillows),
playing and loving my girls well,
and resting.  I've been tired lately and I admit, my exercising hasn't even taken a back seat.  It hasn't had a seat at all!  

What are you going to do, 
to be an adventurer this week?